Hello There!

Welcome to my new blog!

There are many details and tweaks that still need to be worked out, but I am proud to announce that I finally have my own domain!

Taking this step has been in my mind for a long time, but I have had no clue where to begin or how to go about it, or if it would even be worth it. Finally, I decided that it was at least worth RESEARCHING. So I did my research, majorly stalked other bloggers, and with a monetary Christmas gift, decided to take the plunge!

Even though I knew that I wanted to buy my own domain, and therefore have a “real” blog, it still took me a couple of weeks to actually go for it.

Even though I feel like I am walking through a fog, and have no clue what I am doing, I am excited to begin this journey. Many of you who have followed my blog are wondering what the difference is between THIS blog and the old one. Well, as I mentioned above, I bought my own domain, www.suzannehines.org. My old blog was www.suzannesthoughts.wordpress.com. Do you see the difference there? WordPress still had control over what I posted, how I advertised and shared my blog, and whether or not I could make money through blogging.

By buying my own domain, I have more control over what I do with this blog, and where it goes. I can design my own layouts (or pay someone to do those for me), I can begin to advertise, and link to other bloggers as well.

I did my research, and decided that this would at least be worth a trial. Ultimately, I want to get more into blogging. It’s kind of been a background dream, one that sounds really funny to voice: “I want to be a blogger”.

But I do! I want to be able to attend blogging conferences, and stay at home with my little ones, with a little side income. I want to be able to help people through this blog…whether something DIY, a recipe, a reflection on our journey, or just developing relationships through the blogging world.

One thing that I absolutely love doing is writing for this blog. One of the greatest compliments I get is from people who tell me that they read my blog. I am always shocked and delighted to find people that read it…and my following has been growing from all over the world.

This blogging journey might take off, it might look exactly like I hope it will look. But it also might not. I might lose money just from buying this domain. I might lose followers from switching over. I might lose my passion to blog when this little one arrives.

If you follow my blog because you are my friend, or a family member, keep following! In the realm of my life updates, nothing will be changing. I will continue to post honestly about my life, my loves and this crazy life adventure.

But for now, this is where I am. And, boy oh boy, I am excited!

If you have any questions….please feel free to leave a comment. I’d LOVE to hear from you!

(For those of you wondering…I am working on getting my content from the other blog moved over to this site. So far, I have had no luck, and I am extremely dissapointed at that. I will continue to try, but I am not sure that will happen. For now, if you want to visit my “blog story” up until now, go ahead and visit www.suzannesthoughts.wordpress.com)

If you were subscribed to my previous blog, you may unsubscribe from it any time. I will no longer be posting updates there. If you would still like to get my blog updates, please subscribe to THIS blog here, as I will be making all my updates here from now on!

Thanks so much, faithful followers!


  1. Jess says:

    I’ll leave you a comment. 🙂 Congrats on the new blog! I hope your journey leads where you are hoping it does, as I love reading blogs. Except now I might never know what Darza go Irokoy gaa means..

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