Happy Birthday!

Today is my Daddy’s birthday!

I don’t even know where to begin writing about this man that God chose to give me to.

Dedication, service, honesty, loyalty, Christ-centered, hilarious, full-of-energy, encourager, friend, father and now grandfather!

My Dad has truly blessed me in so many. From teaching me how to learn language, to laughing with me and my family at game nights, to always leading my family in the Word and the Way, to literally pulling me through high school math and french while I just sat at the kitchen table and wept the never-ending tears of frustration.

My Dad is not perfect, but to me, that makes him an even better Dad. I have seen his example of what to do when a mistake is made. I have seen his example of how to make good decisions so that I don’t make mistakes.

He has taught me, not just through words and the parental discipline, but through the example of his life.

And I’m sure that all that know him understand exactly what I am talking about.

So happy birthday, Daddy! I love you, and I’m so thankful that YOU are my Dad. I couldn’t ask for or expect better. I know that Theo and I will be looking towards you as an example of how to raise our own child/children.

And if you see my Dad around today, make sure that you give him a big Happy Birthday for me!!!

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