Throwback: Engagement Pictures

Since this here blog is new, it doesn’t yet contain many pictures of my life, so I wanted to take a little journey down memory lane to our engagement pictures. These pictures were taken by my friend Grace, who also did our wedding photography. She does an AMAZING job, and I was not one bit dissapointed in our pictures!

Theo and I got engaged in August of 2011. I wanted to take Theo to visit my home, which is no small feat when my home happens to be on another continent. We traveled with my parents, and had a blast visiting all the places that formed my childhood. One evening, we went for a picnic on the sand dunes, and right at sunset Theo took me for a walk and proposed! It was GLORIOUS, and better than I ever could have planned for myself.

As soon as we got back to the States, we scheduled an engagement session. It’s crazy to me how much younger we look in these pictures, even though this was only 3 years ago.

So here is a walk down memory lane….


Don’t you just LOVE them? I have a couple of these framed around the house, but after looking through them all again, I think I need to print, frame and hang some more!

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