Weekly Wrap-up!

This past week was an up-and-down one. Some seriously rough days, and yet some seriously amazing days. But I won’t waste time by writing it all out. Instead, I will share it through the pictures! =)

I have been spending a lot of time thinking about this whole fasting from music. In fact, this month has actually been harder for me than the ‘no spending’ month. I think because music is ALWAYS there in my life, I have to consciously think about not having it on. I also have been thinking through why I don’t turn it on. It is a powerful tool, and it does keep me focused on good things sometimes. I think if I did this fast again, I might do a month of only Christian music. However, I have found more times of silence than every before this month, and now I need to establish the self-discipline to use those moments of silence for moments of prayer or meditation. One thing that I have been doing is picking a song to meditate on during my devotions each morning. This has proven especially powerful, and I usually find that the particular song is in my head for the rest of the day.

With the second trimester has come a lot more energy, and I am finding myself using that energy to cook things! haha, ok, ramen does not take a lot of energy…but still. I know I’m technically NOT ‘eating for two’, but after the meager portions I was eating throughout the first trimester, THIS has been heavenly!

I don’t think that Moose has any clue about the little one yet, but I still think it’s adorable when he lays down and happens to put his paw right on my belly.

And another one of Moose…just because he’s cute, and Theo put him in a bucket.

Baby Hines got ‘their’ first present this week. It arrived in a cute little box in the mail, and the best part of it was that I was NOT expecting anything. It is an adorable little elephant from baby’s great Grandpa and Grandma! It such a blessing to know that this little one is being born into a family of generations that love the Lord. I know that my Grandparents pray for all their kids and grandkids by name EVERY day, and I know that they are now praying for this little one. They wrote a letter to the little one, and addressed it by name. The day we found out we were expecting, we mentioned the names we had picked, and Grandpa and Grandma remembered them. And I’m positive that when they pray for the little one, they use its name. I probably cried for a good five minutes after receiving that gift!

On Saturday, one of Theo’s students tested for his black belt. Black belt tests are GRUELING, and sometimes hard to watch! Theo was a judge, and he did a GREAT job. The judges nit-pick and question every move the student makes, and Theo did a good job of judging but also encouraging. It’s cool to see how far he has come in this career!

Saturday night, Theo took me out for a date to my favorite Thai place. There is usually almost NO wait, but since it was Saturday night we had to wait quite a while to get our food. I was so hungry and have been craving this authentic Thai for weeks, so I didn’t take any pictures, and just dug right in! =) After dinner, we wanted to do something more date-ish but didn’t want to resort to the usual Netflix-on-the-couch date. As we were driving down the road, I said, ‘Babies R Us! Let’s do a baby registry!’. It took a little convincing, but finally Theo agreed to stop and do it.

Parking in the expectant Mommy’s spot! This made me so excited. All of a sudden it all seemed so real.

There are so many things that we did not register for, because we can a)find them somewhere much cheaper or b) we don’t feel are necessities (like a crib, a fancy vibrating bath-tub, crib bedding and wall decals, etc). We also don’t yet know the gender, so we picked mostly gender neutral things. Hopefully, many of the things can be used for more than one child, anyways. With foster care on the near horizon, it would be nice to keep gender neutral supplies around the house!

One thing that I absolutely fell in love with with was an amazing jogging stroller. It’s super pricey, and I don’t really expect anyone to buy it for us…but we decided to put it on our registry anyways! If we don’t get it from there, I will be on the hunt for one like it somewhere else! =)

This chair was SO comfortable. And it rocked. And it swiveled. And it glided. And it had a HUGE price tag. But I enjoyed sitting in it for about 5 minutes! A nice rocking/gliding chair is certainly on our ‘to buy’ list…but not at that price!

Registering for baby… haha!

And that my friends, was my week in pictures! I also had a snow day (and I didn’t take any pictures…), and we had a doctors appointment! We got to hear the heartbeat again, and they told me it looks like everything is on track! The dr’s that I am seeing (as well as my insurance) only cover ONE ultrasound throughout the pregnancy (unless problems are detected). I’ve done my research and decided that I am just fine with that. Our one ultrasound is the anatomy scan, and it is scheduled for March 25! We sure are excited for that! Annnnd, if I really get the itch to see the little one again, I can always call in an ultrasound from my father-in-law. Sometimes it really does pay to have an OBGYN in the family!

Enjoy this next week, ya’ll! Hopefully only about five more weeks of winter!

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