Baby Hines: 15 weeks old

You should have seen Theo and I trying to come up with something to write on the board this week. We were pretty much rolling on the floor laughing with some of them, trying to rhyme ‘red’ with something cutesy. ‘You have a growing head?’ We finally just stuck with this!

How Far Along: 15 weeks

Size of Baby: An orange! That seems SO big, and yet at the same time SO tiny

Total Weight Gain: 4 pds!

Maternity Clothes: Down to one pair of jeans that I can comfortably wear. This summer I’m going to be living in maxi dresses, I can already tell! On Sunday, I put on a nice jean skirt for church. I was so proud of myself that I could still get it on. However, as soon as I sat down in the service I realized that it was not going to work. I headed to the bathroom and had to do the ol’ hair tie trick to make the skirt more comfortable. Well, I guess that skirt is out until post-baby!

Gender: The entire first trimester, I was CONVINCED it was a boy. No doubt about it. Now, I’m leaning more towards girl. I’ll do a post in a few weeks about old wives tales (Theo scoffs at me for reading those things, but I think they are SO entertaining!), and what people have been telling me I’m having. We found out in 5 weeks!

Movement: One night this week, I was laying in bed, and I pushed on my belly. I am almost positive that I felt a little popping in response. I could just be totally making this up, but I really think it was movement! It blows my mind!

Sleep: Meh. The past two weeks, this has been one of the worst parts of pregnancy for me. I just can’t get comfortable. I feel so. heavy. when I’m rolling over or just laying there. Is this normal?

Funny story: I have started sleeping with pillows everywhere. The other night I tried to tuck a pillow behind my back in order to be more comfortable. The pillow was REALLY heavy, and I finally realized that it was Moose. Poor cat. He loves my pillows, but getting laid on is one sacrifice he will have to  make if he decides to sleep there!

What I miss: I miss feeling light. I’ve never gained weight rapidly. (ha! who are we kidding? I’ve basically never gained weight…even when I try!), and I just FEEL so heavy. It sounds ridiculous to everyone who looks at me, and I’m not saying I look huge, I’m just saying I feel heavy. It’s only going to get much, much worse.

Food Cravings: Basically anything that sounds good at the moment. I have to have a carrot every night before I go to bed. It settles my stomach and just tastes so good!

Food Aversions: Nothing that I’ve really noticed this week.

Symptoms: tired, sore, baby bump!, a very shallow belly button, emotional, in love with this little one already!

Worst Moment This Week: It hasn’t changed since last week.

Best Moment This Week: Registering at Babies-R-Us for this little one! It was! And, it may sound really silly, but after we did that, it all started to feel real. This child is REAL. This child will be in my arms, sucking on that bottle, sitting in that seat, pooping on those crib sheets, crying into that monitor, going for slooooow jogs in that stroller. So real!

What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to telling my students tomorrow (Valentine’s Day!). I’ve had a couple parents eyeing my mid-section, but I haven’t had any strangers ask me yet if I’m pregnant. It will be nice to have it completely out in the open, not a secret from anybody! Plus, then when the boys continue to throw all the dangerous objects in the gym, I can use the excuse that if they hit me, they will hurt the baby. Muhuhahaha. Right now, I have no real reason to ask them not to kick the balls inside (they are BOYS!), except that it’s the ‘rules’.

I’m also really, really excited for Valentines Day. I actually found some things on Pinterest that I plan on making tomorrow. Woah, this must be a side effect of the 2nd trimester! I’ve always poo-pooed Valentines Day, and now I just can’t wait!

Exercise this week: Umm…fail. Yeah, fail. I did some yoga last night. That’s about it. I had a wonderful dream that I went for a run on our beautiful bike path, and it was summer, and it was sunny and warm and I ran for a long time….sigh….

Oh, and have I mentioned yet how crazy I am? I signed up for a 10k…exactly 7 weeks after my due date. Why? Well, I figured it would be good motivation to stay active DURING the pregnancy. I’ve heard that if I’m active during pregnancy, I will have a faster recovery time, depending on what happens during the birth. Also, the spots in this particular 10k (the Air Force one) were selling out SO fast, so I didn’t really think too much about it. Plus, a 10k is 6 miles. If I have to, I will just walk. I think I should be able to do that. Right? Right???! Someone please tell me I’m right…



  1. Aunt Natalie says:

    Sucking on that bottle? Please tell me you plan on breastfeeding:) 🙂 You’re looking so cute. I think I go up and down 4 lbs from month to month!

  2. Nathaly says:

    When a friend of mine was pregnant with her first she also mentioned she felt the baby earlier than anyone said was possible. I’ll tell you the same thing I said to her. You’re the mom, you’re the one carrying this little one. This is all still a mystery, so honestly you could feel your little one whenever God deems it.

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