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I just thought I’d throw this fun little post together to give all you readers a break from anything too heavy. And for readers who are new at this here url, you can get to know me a little bit better, too!

Feel free to steal this and post it on your own blog! Just leave a comment with a link. I’d LOVE to see your responses!

Age: *I don’t know about you….but I’m….22*

Funny Story: Yesterday, one of my students’ parents asked, “Are you old enough to have a baby?” I reeeallly wasn’t sure how to answer that question, I mean “technically”, I’ve been old enough to have a baby since I was 13. The guy knows I’m married, so I’m “old enough” in that realm. Plus, I take care of his son, and 17 OTHER children for the majority of my day. Yes, I think I’m old enough. Thankyouverymuch.


Bed Size: King. We are so spoiled, we’ve never had to sleep with anything smaller.

Although, right now in my linen cupboard, I have single sheets (from our college days), king sheets for our bed, queen sheets for a bed in our old apartment, double sheets for the bed we used to have here in the guest room, and now we are buying a bunk bed with a TWIN on top and FULL on bottom. Sheesh.

Chore I dislike: Dishes. Dishes, dishes, dishes. Hate them.

Dogs: *sniff*sniff*. I hated dogs until our precious Hansi. But Hansi died when he was just four months old. It’s still a little bit of a raw wound. Precious puppy, I wish I could have you back!

BUT, I’m still a cat person. And this cat makes me pretty happy:

Essential Daily Item: In the winter, chapstick.

Favorite Color: Blue, blue, blue, blue!!!

Hence, the color of my bridesmaids dresses…

Gold or Silver: My rings are white gold. I prefer the silver color, but I’m one to wear REAL silver or gold jewelry, except for my rings.

Height: 5’4″

Instrument Playing: At one point in time, I played the flute. And by played the flute, I mean I knew how to blow into it properly, play a few notes, and maybe 3 songs. I had to stop because I kept getting light-headed and almost passed out, repeatedly.

Job Title: Afternoon Kindergarten Teacher. Soooo, basically, a daycare worker for kindergartners in the afternoon. But I wouldn’t change that for anything!

Kids: None yet….but one on the way!

Live: In the lovely town of Fairborn, OH. And every winter I ask myself WHAT I AM STILL DOING HERE. And every spring, summer and fall, I love it.

Mother’s Name: Nancy Evelyn.

Names I have: Honey, Babe, Suz, Suzanne, recently “mommy” =)

Operations: None! Can you believe it? I have never been cut into. I have had an endoscopy, but I don’t think that really counts as an operations.

Pet Peeves: shopping carts in that perfect parking spot, when people honk at me for NO reason, blogs that I have to click ‘read more’ to finish the post, dirty feet in the bed

Quotes from a movie: Pssh…I don’t pay attention in enough movies to know quotes from them. Although, I have heard “Let it Go” every day for the past few months from my students. Pretty sure I could give a lot of quotes from THAT movie.

Right or Left: Righty.

Siblings: One brother. And then along came the summer of 2012, and all THIS happened:

I got married, and this became my new immediate family. I gained 6 brothers, and 3 sisters from my own wedding…

Then, a month later…my brother got married, and I got ANOTHER sister!

Tune: Right now, hymns are my thing. I’m loving the lyrics.

University: Cedarville University, majored in Early Childhood Education

Veggie Dish: Right now, my baby must be LOVING carrots, because I cannot get enough. I ate a whole bag of baby carrots in 4 days.

Why I am Late: Because I started late, and that lateness flowed from one thing to another. And then I’m stressed, so I spend 5 minutes flailing around trying not to be late, but just making myself more late in the first place.

X-rays: I think I’ve had a few on my lungs. But none that I remember.

Yummy Food: Pizza. Pasta. This is not a fair question for a pregnant lady.

Zoo Animal: Giraffes. I always love to watch them.

However, seeing them in the wild is so much better.

SSo, what about you?

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  1. Nancy says:

    This was fun to read. And I was just noticing in the picture of us together, I may have put on more weight than I’d like but I have nice ankles. 🙂 I’ll do a similar post in a day or two and try to link back here if I can figure that out….just put a link to your page, right?

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