The Pregnant Cat Lady

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Once upon a time, there was a boy.

And there was a girl (who loved cats).

The boy and the girl met and got married. And one week after they got married, they got their first cat. And they loved that cat.

So one day, a few years after getting their first cat, they had a conversation about getting another cat. And the conversation went like this:

Boy: “Kittens are so cute! Let’s get a kitten!”

Girl: “No, they are too much work. And we already have one. But I suppose if you find a free one, you can bring it home”. (maybe I just added the emphasize)

And then the girl got pregnant. With a human baby. And even though the girl loved their cat, the girl knew that they would love the baby much, much more. The girl acted just like a pregnant lady. She was growing bigger and getting excited, and only sometimes very emotional and over-protective of their humanchild.

And then one day a few months later, the boy called the girl and said, “I have a surprise for you! It’s the best surprise EVER!”

And the girl’s pregnant mind dreamed of a beach getaway with the warm sun shining down on her and NO WORK. But she knew that was not true, so then she dreamed of a rocking chair, perfect for rocking her beautiful humanbaby in when it arrived. Or something along those lines.

And the boy sent a picture of the surprise.

And the girl was surprised.

But the boy said the surprise was not over! And he sent a picture of part 2.

And the girl cried. Not Im-so-happy-I-could-weep-a-happy-river tears, but I’m-so-dissapointed-I-hate-cats-what-where-you-thinking-tears.

I wish that was a joke (not the surprise…the reaction). But it’s truly what happened.

I wish that it even made sense, coming from a girl who loves cats.

I wish that every husband-boy could be like this boy, and take it so graciously while his pregnant wife cried FOR AN HOUR on the phone about who-knows-what. Here the boy thought he was being sweet and thoughtful, and the his wife would be DELIGHTED. I mean, just look at the boys face in that picture…pure delight!!

So the girl hung up and cried a little more, and then called and apologized because, really, her outburst made no anyone.

And they agreed to bring both the cats home, but to probably not keep both of them.

And then the boy brought the kittens home.

And they were adorable. And cute. And playful. And soft. And cuddly. And the pregnant girl may have fallen a little bit in love.

And that my friends, is how I have three cats in my house right now.

But the pregnant girl knows one thing….she did NOT want to be the pregnant cat lady. Nor did she want three cats and a human-child.

*So, we are working out a plan. It’s still undecided. We will NOT have 3 cats, but we probably will have more then 1. And if Moose had a vote, he would have none of this nonsense*

Moral of the story:

Cats are cute.

Marriage is great. (and by great I mean, adventurous)

Surprising a pregnant woman is not for the faint of heart.


Since I’ve gotten lots of comments on this post, and apparently have made lots of people laugh with this story, I’m linking it up to Tuesday Tea! So, really…go grab a cup of tea, and read my crazy pregnancy story again. And have a good laugh…at my expense =). I don’t mind!


  1. Nancy says:

    So funny. Poor Theo. Being married to a pregnant woman is definitely not for the faint of heart! But keep the mostly black one cuz he looks just like my kitty.

  2. Khala @ The Birdie Bowl says:

    Hahahaha, oh my goodness, this is hilarious! You’re so right about the picture he sent…pure delight! What a good guy : ) But girl, I’ve totally been in those situations (when the guy tries to do something super thoughtful, and it doesn’t end well)! Too funny! I’m so happy you linked up with us over at Tuesday Tea! xo

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