He or She, What Will Baby Hines Be?

Usually I do my baby posts on Thursday, and I will still do a weekly post tomorrow, but this post is brought to you by the fact that I HAVE FELT MOVEMENT!

The little one has started thumping around in there, and I’m positive now that it’s what I’m feeling. Yesterday, I was waiting to turn left at rush hour, and as I waited for both lines of cars to go by, I felt it. I froze, completely forgetting about the fact that I was supposed to be pulling out, and I felt it again. Then the car behind me honked. Ooops. I think it was a perfect combination of the end of a long, busy day, the seat belt strap pushing just right, and a moment of silence in the midst of all the traffic. I’ve felt it a few more times since then, too. SO EXCITING. So WEIRD. It feels like there is an alien inside me!

I also thought I would include our gender guesses for this blog post! Our anatomy ultrasound is scheduled for the 25th of March, so we will find out for sure then. Until then, I’ve been enjoying reading up on all the Old Wives’ Tales and hearing people’s theories as to what they think it will be. I know that these are nothing but made-up stories, but I still find them hilarious and like to laugh at the fact that half say I’m having a boy, and half of them say I’m having a girl. Hmmmm.

1. Moodiness: (if you are very moody, you are having a girl). Ummm….I’d say BOY on that one. I’m always a moody person, it hasn’t changed that much.

2. Chinese Gender Test– GIRL

3. Mom’s Beauty (if you’re beauty dissapears, it’s a girl. If you get “the glow”, it’s a boy)- I’d say I’m going back and forth on this one! 1st trimester looks would def. mean a girl, but I feel that my looks are slowly improving…so we will go with BOY

4. Dreams (if you dream you are having a boy, it will be a girl…and vice versa). I’ve had a few dreams where I had an undetermined gender of child, but one dream that it was a BOY all the way….so I guess GIRL it is for this one!

5. Dad’s Weight Gain– (if the Dad gains weight during the pregnancy, it’s a girl). Well, I’ll probably only have boys if this one is true…BOY

6. Necklace over hand/belly (Hang a necklace over your hand. If it swings back and forth, it’s a girl. If it moves in a circle, it’s a boy– although different websites say the exact opposite, circle for girl and back and forth for boy!) The necklace swung in a grand ol’ circle- BOY (or does that mean girl?)

7. What Do You Think?

Momma- BOY

Dad- BOY

8. Morning Sickness (no ms, it’s a boy; lots of sickness, it’s a girl) I have yet to throw up or have overly awful morning sickness (although I DID NOT enjoy the first trimester!)– BOY

9. Heart Rate (if the heart rate is over 140, it’s said to be a girl; under 140 is a boy). At the last appointment, the little one’s heart beat was 155— GIRL

10. Shape of Belly (high and round- girl; low and sticking straight out- boy) Hmm I’m not sure on this one…what do you think?

(Theo says its low and round, but nobody can deny that it’s sticking out!)


11. Cravings (salty- boy; sweet- girl) I’d say this one is a BOY. I’ve had to start watching my sodium intake. ANYTHING with sodium is my go-to. Although I’m also craving fruits, which are very sweet!

12. Baking Soda (pee in baking soda. If it fizzes, its a boy; nothing- girl) Yeah, um…that was weird. But it says BOY

So as you can see, out of 12 old wives tales, 8-9 say BOY. But I know that it means nothing until the doctor can point to something on the screen that says yay or nay to BOY!

What do YOU think? Leave a comment here, or head over to our newly opened baby pool! My sister-in-law found this website, and on it, you can guess the gender, birthdate, weight, length and birthtime of the baby. Each correct guess is awarded a certain number of points, and the person who is closest on all guesses will get a prize come August when Baby Hines decides to make his/her entrance! Don’t forget to put in your guesses for gender before March 25th!!

Also, I heard a little birdy say that spring might be right around the corner! It’s in the little buds on the trees, it’s in the smell of the skunk, it’s in the fact that we are getting at least one fresh chicken-laid egg a day, it’s in the fact that the weather app on my phone doesn’t have a high under 40 for the next week!! This girl is happy with that!!!!



  1. Nancy says:

    Well, strictly going with percentage of boys in the DeValve family and percentage of boys in the Hines family, I’m going with boy. Though Keri had a girl and Shannon is having a girl, so maybe the run of boys is over.

  2. Jess says:

    Tried to submit a guess and it said the pool is by invitation only. :/ I made Kyle go first too and it took him 10 minutes to finally decide his numbers, so maybe invite him too.
    We’re both voting boy, but random- Trevor’s heartrate was 150+ at all of our appointments and then the day of the anatomy scan it was 139 and Kyle and I looked at each other immediately wondering if that meant boy.

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