Weekly Wrap-Up!

Phew! What an EXCITING week! From the weather, to finding out the gender of our baby, to spending way too much of my time dedicated to Once Upon A Child…it’s been crazy!

Monday was a blur, but at school I had my students vote on whether they thought Baby was a boy or a girl. The boys were all SO convinced it was a boy, and the girls all voted girl. They kept talking about which team was going to ‘win’, and I had to explain that it didn’t matter if they ALL voted for one thing…if it was the other, they would not ‘win’! I don’t know if they understood…. haha


I’ve continued to work on my crossword puzzles and other mind puzzles while we are on this media fast. The other night I was working, and out from under the book pop two little paws, followed by this adorable face.


On Tuesday we went to our 20 week anatomy scan, finding out that our precious little one is healthy and growing just as she should be. And then going out to lunch to find out that baby is a GIRL! My wonderful boss also gave me that day off (on very short notice!). It pays to work in a workplace with a lot of women- we all seem to understand the needs and excitements of pregnancy! =)

We took a billion and one pictures, and Tuesday, March 25, will for sure rank as one of the top 10 most exciting/monumental days of my life thus far! We found out we are having a baby GIRL!



I worked some extra hours this week (my next paycheck is going to be rockin’, that is for sure), and felt under the weather for most of it, so most days when I got home I just wanted to lay down. The cats always follow me, and they both purr and cuddle as soon as I get home. It’s adorable, really!


The weather held onto to winter for one more week, but on Friday the sun came out! I threw in a load of laundry and was SO happy to hang it on the line


However, I kinda forgot about it, and when I woke up the next morning it was POURING rain. I figured they were already wet, so they could just stay outside. However, the rain turned to hail/sleet, then snow, then rain again…oops. Poor laundry.

On Friday, I worked a morning shift and got home early, so I decided to tackle the bags full of baby clothing from my sister-in-law. Their family is moving, so she gave me ALL their kid clothes, both boy and girl, from newborn to age 2. As soon as we found out we were having a girl, I decided I would try to sell the boy girls to Once Upon a Child. That turned into a fiasco that was not worth my time. On Friday, I sorted through everything, picking out all the boy girls that I could still use for our little girl.

Theo had me laughing hysterically at his antics during this time. Every item I pulled out, he would say, ‘OH! Don’t get rid of that! A girl could totally wear that!’, even if the item was a button-up plaid boys top. I pulled this one out and said, “Ha! A girl couldn’t wear this one!’


His response?

“Yes they could! B is for Boy…..and then we write ‘but G is for Girl’ on the back!”



I stuffed everything I wouldn’t be using back into the trash bags, and we hauled them to the store. They told me they would go through the clothes and I should come back in 2 hours. So I did. And they had ripped open all the bags, pulled out all the jeans, and that’s it. They gave me $16. For 7 trash bags full of quality boy clothes. They told me the only problem with the rest of the clothes were that they were not freshly laundered.

Ok, I can wash clothes, I think to myself. Except I don’t have a drier, so that would take me forever. So my brilliant husband suggest taking them all to the laundromat.

So we spent ALL Saturday afternoon at the laundromat washing, drying, sorting and folding all those boy clothes.


We decided to take one small load at a time to the store, figuring they would be more likely to look at everything and take more things. However, when we picked it up today, they gave us $11. A woman who was also trying to sell something to them asked if she could look through the stuff for her son. TAKE IT ALLLLL! we wanted to shout. She grabbed a few things, and then gave us a stroller, that she was trying to sell. Yes, a stroller. A jogging one. For free.

Soooo, the moral of the story is that…Once Upon A Child….so not worth it to sell your clothes to them. But you never know what deals you can make outside the store in the parking lot!!!

Today the weather is beautiful, and after a rough situation that happened to me this morning, Theo decided to hang the hammock for me.

Eeek! I LOVE it!




The only thing that could make it any better would be if there was an ocean and beach on the other side of my toes, instead of the neighbors driveway. But alas…we STILL enjoy life, even if it has been an unrelenting and tough winter.



Our chicks are also getting bigger, and we let them have a little roam outside today. I can’t wait until they get big enough to go outside to the coop and start laying us some more eggs!



And that’s it for this week! I can’t wait to see what the next week has in store for us…glorious weather, and a trip to see some of my absolute favorite people in the world!



  1. Jess says:

    🙂 Glad you got to enjoy your hammock.

    Sorry to hear that selling to Once Upon a Child is a bust, but thanks for sharing that info. And awesome that you got a stroller!!! Just wanted to say- not sure what size boys clothes you have, but if you have 2T I’d be happy to look/buy some? I also bet you could do really well with a yard sale if you indicated it was baby clothes. Or you could possibly save them for future little ones? 🙂

    • [email protected] says:

      At least for me…it most certainly wasn’t worth it. We talked about saving it all, but our basement collects mold so I can’t store them down there. =( I just didn’t want to take up a whole closet with trash bags full of boy clothes, so I went ahead and took them all to the clothes closet at church. Soooo, if you want any, feel free to look through the massive piles of boy clothes I left in there! =)

  2. Nancy says:

    You got a jogging stroller!!!! I think you got the better end of that deal. 🙂 And I love the hammock. I can’t wait to try it out. Bibi looks a lot like our kitty….love the picture of him with the blue sky.

    • [email protected] says:

      I LOVE the stroller…I tried it our in our front yard today (the neighbors must think we are crazy). It has a seat belt hook missing, so we need to fix that, and the seat only reclines…so we need to fix that. But the wheels and the basket and all that jazz are in awesome condition! I’m so excited.

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