26 Weeks!

A little bit late.

Three weeks ago, I tore my round ligament and was out of commission for a few days. As soon as that resolved itself, I got hit with the nastiest cold. And as soon as that resolved itself, I worked extra hours at work, my laptop died and I struggled to find all my passwords. So the last three weeks have been a bit of a doozy, and I’ve fallen way behind on my blogging and pregnancy updates. I have a lot of blog posts ideas floating around in my head, so hopefully I will be back to regular blogging this upcoming week!



Pardon me for the massive amounts of white wall…Since my computer died I do not have my beloved iPhoto to edit these pictures and cannot for the life of me figure it out on this one.

How Far Along: 26 weeks

Size of Baby: A hothouse cucumber, whatever that is…

Total Weight Gain: Um, 20 pounds. The doctor says I’m right on track and looking/doing great, but that sounds like a lot, a lot, a lot to me. I’m starting to feel very large on a daily basis- I’m not limber, and I AM carrying around 20 extra pounds. Theo says I don’t look big, but I feel big!

Stretch Marks: None that I have noticed yet!

Wedding Rings: On, I haven’t had any noticeable swelling yet.

Maternity Clothes: You bet. And I’m even growing out of some of those. I’m excited to be ‘done’ with work and be able to wear shorts and tshirts on the daily. Then I won’t have to worry about buying another $25 pair of jeans.

Gender: It’s a GIRL!

Movement: Like crazy. Before this week, I could really only feel her when I was at rest. Now, I can feel her almost constantly. I can see her moving from the outside, and I can even feel where different body parts are! One day this week, I felt her head with my palm, as it was all pushed up against my ribs. I also knew it was her head because I kept getting KICKED on the opposite side of the womb. Some of her jabs are starting to be a little bit painful. I’ll catch my breath just because it’s such an intense jab! She also LOVES dancing to the music in church. Both this week and last she was moving constantly during the music portion of the service.

Sleep: Getting a cold and then working extra hours has robbed me of the sleep that my body so desperately needs. This weekend I have finally been able to catch up a little bit on sleep, but I’m still incredibly exhausted!

What I miss: My pre-pregnancy weight. Dang, I was LIGHT. It was so much easier to do things…like stand up, and get out of the car, and keep up with the kids at work. Haha!

Food Cravings: None that I’ve noticed. No middle of the night eats for me, either. I go bed and wake up in the morning STARVING, but haven’t made Theo get up to feed me in the middle of the night….yet =)

Food Aversions: Ranch dressing and tortilla chips kill me. Also, saltine crackers? I don’t even want to look at them.

Symptoms: Baby kicks, a large bump, mild heartburn, feeling heavy and exhausted, hungry all the time

Best Comment This Week: “Ms. Suzanne, I want to kill your baby”. Yeah, that happened. The situation wasn’t a serious one, and I didn’t think that she was being serious, but it still brought out the Momma Bear in me. The student was marched to the office, and the fear of God was put into her. She wrote me an apology note, and we have since moved on…but still. It was not a great day at school for me!

Best Moment This Week: The weekend! It has been so good to finally spend time with Theo after these last crazy weeks! We also got to attend an orientation for the birth center where we plan to deliver. The orientation was SO informative, and even included a tour, and we absolutely LOVE the place that we will be going.

Worst Moment This Week: Taking the glucose test. It wasn’t that bad, although the lady at the blood drawing place was incredibly rude to me. I hate bad customer service. If Theo hadn’t been there to defend me, I would have just burst into tears.

Exercise This Week: Um, it’s been lacking, to say the least. Today I finally got myself up and going with some exercise’s, but I really need to get the ball rolling on doing it consistently.

What I’m Looking Forward To: Being done with work (at he end of May!), seeing my parents, and WARM weather!



  1. Jane Stutzman says:

    You are very wise young people…I firmly believe in debt-free…interesting reading to see how you ahieved that status so quickly.

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