28 weeks!

It’s all going SO. FAST now! Soon I’ll be 30 weeks, and that is only 10 weeks from my due date! I felt like the whole first trimester DRAGGED by, then the 2nd trimester sped up a little bit, with lots of exciting moments, and now the third trimester is like a runaway train barreling down a hill at break-neck speed to LABOR and BIRTH and then meeting this baby girl and beginning the journey of motherhood with a child OUTSIDE the womb…



How Far Along: 28 weeks, officially in the third trimester!

Size of Baby: A chinese cabbage, which sounds massive. But she supposedly weighs over 2 pounds now!

Total Weight Gain: About 22 pds.

Stretch Marks: None yet. Although I’m starting to get that line that runs all up the belly.

Wedding Rings: Still on. I’ve noticed some swelling in my feet/ankles as the days are getting warmer and I’m still on my feet a lot.

Maternity Clothes: Yes. Yes. I’m still loving maternity tops, feeling comfortable in them, and feeling like they make me look arlight (big in all the right places, small in all the right places), but I’m STRUGGLING with maternity bottoms. I ordered one pair of skinny jeans online, and I have worn them almost every day for the past 3 months. However, they have grown too small. I have a bunch of pairs of jeans that were hand-me-downs, but are too big in some places, and too small in other places. I’m rockin’ Theo’s basketball shorts around the house, but mainly wearing skirts and not-so-flattering jeans to work and in public. Sigh…

Gender: It’s a GIRL!

Movement: So much. After every meal. After I eat anything sweet. In the morning when I wake up. At night when I want to lay down. At school when I have a single moment’s break. It’s seriously crazy. We can see it from the outside, feel it from the outside and sometimes she gives me a nice jab that HURTS!

Sleep: I am counting myself blessed in this area. I have had some restless legs and have a hard time falling asleep, but once I fall asleep…no problems. Still getting up once in the night to use the bathroom, but fall right back asleep! Sometimes I wake up sore, but I am just going to take that as a natural part of pregnancy.

What I miss: My pre-pregnancy activity level. I never though I’d be a person who let pregnancy slow me down. But I am slowing wayyyyy down. I am so easily exhausted- physically, mentally, emotionally.

Food Cravings: They have hit pretty hard these past two weeks. I have a hard time saying no to the sweets- cookies, cakes, donuts- that all sounds A-MAZING (and not things that I would normally fall for pre-pregnancy, believe it or not!). Instead, I’ve found that I can satisfy these cravings by eating sweet fruits. I ate a whole cantaloupe in two days. I cannot keep myself away from the raspberries and strawberries and oranges and apples! But, really…I will eat almost anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

Food Aversions: Still just those darned tortilla chips.

Symptoms: Baby kicks, a large bump, mild heartburn, feeling heavy and exhausted, hungry all the time, having trouble holding my pee (if ya know what I mean!)

Best Comment This Week: “You are carrying so well!”

I loved hearing that- it was such a compliment. It wasn’t “you are so small”, “you are so huge”, “you are looking very pregnant”, or any one of those commonly given “compliments” (depending on the day…they are compliments….or not!). It was simply an acknowledgment of my pregnancy and a compliment that I looked ‘good’, not ‘small’ or ‘big’.

I also got, “oh, are you pregnant?” from a random Dad at my school. When I responded in the affirmative, he said, “oh, that’s nice…” and continued walking.

Why thank you.

Best Moment This Week: I had a really encouraging dr’s appointment this morning. I was a little bit nervous about the results of my gestational diabetes test. All I got as a result was 51. 51 what? I googled what the ‘passing’ results for gestational diabetes were, and Dr. Google said ‘less than 180’. So I figured my 51 surely wasn’t on the same scale.

But it turns out it was…and I’m pretty much the farthest thing away from having gestational diabetes. The doctor told me that was normal for “healthy, active pregnant women” and that was also a great compliment. I’m trying, and I guess it’s paying off- both for me and the precious babe!

I worked hard this past week  to stay active and try not to indulge in the un-healthies, and it showed on the scale. I’m still gaining, but I’m trying to keep it around a pd a week…and that’s what I did! That is always encouraging to me.

Worst Moment This Week: Tornado! I left work only to hear the BEEP BEEP radio thing and a message to take cover immediately. I got home and prepared the basement and all the pets for heading down, turned on the radio and followed the radar on my computer. Turns out a tornado really did form and touch down about 10 miles away (in Cedarville township- out on a farm). That was a little bit unnerving.

Exercise This Week: Yes, finally. I’ve either gone for a walk or done some sort of toning work every day. It does not go beyond squats, wall-sits and a plank, though! As long as I’m doing something every day, it makes me feel a whole lot better, so I’m trying to stick with it!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Summer time! A baby shower! Seeing my parents! Meeting this precious little one!



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