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The month of May is absolute favorite month.

It’s finally warming up outside…glorious spring is warming into summer.

School is finishing up, and I can smell it in the air!

My birthday is in May…so of course I’ve always loved this month.

And our anniversary is also in May.

So many celebrations, so much excitement…I just LOVE it.

I wish I could show you a snapshot of our calendar for this month. Not only do I have work every day until the 30th, but we have also started our foster care certification classes (once a week), and our birthing classes (also once a week). We have two wedding for the next two weekends, and we had a bridal shower this past weekend. We have gone to Michigan twice already this month, and I’m getting far enough along in my pregnancy that I need to see the doctor bi-weekly instead of monthly. Phew! Top all that with my birthday and our anniversary and both of us still working and Theo starting a business….and you will see why we are SO busy….and why I LOVE MAY!!!!

Since I haven’t done a weekly wrap-up post in a while, I thought I would just overwhelm you with pictures of the past few weeks.

As soon as the weather warmed up, we headed outside as much as possible. My cousin was in town with her little one’s, who wanted to chase/feed/see the chickens and the kitties, so we had a fire and s’mores night. (and this picture makes me look VERY pregnant…)


She had s’more ALL over her face.


Theo and I really wanted to go to a Columbus Crew soccer game, so we searched for a weekend that we were actually free…and found one! =)


Since leaving Niger, I haven’t been to many sporting events. I usually go to a basketball or a football game simply because I know one of the players. Usually, I don’t know what is going on and so I just follow that one person I know and cheer for them. This was completely different, because I actually know soccer. The Crew didn’t play that great, but it was such a BLAST. The weather was also glorious! It’s a bit pricey (since they are a MLS team), but it might become a yearly tradition.


Baby girl’s first soccer game!


And what’s a catch-up post without a picture of our cats? They were both in my lap. With the baby and two cats my lap was certainly full!


This past weekend, we went up to Michigan for my soon to be sister-in-law’s bridal shower! It was a blast to see family and spent some time with all of them. We got to go to the shower, play games and even had Dad do an ultrasound just to confirm that the baby is in fact a girl…she most certainly is!

Here are all the Hines women that were able to make it to the shower. Mom, the bride, Sarah, me and Kindrea. I never thought I’d have so many sisters (two are not pictured).



We also went to church on Sunday, and when we got to church I saw the field that we got married in….two years ago! It brought back SO. MANY. MEMORIES, so after church we went and took some pictures in the field. Only thing was, we couldn’t find someone to take the pictures for us, so we just had to the take the pictures ourselves…some of them are absolutely hilarious, and I couldn’t pick my I will just share a bunch of them!


We stood in that field and said our vows, and now there is a baby a’coming….





Our anniversary is next Monday (the 26th). Two years…so crazy.


After taking our pictures in the field, we hopped in the car and headed back to Ohio. We were dog-sitting Lily, but completely forgot to drop her off at her house while we were on our way up to Michigan. So we accidentally had this sweet girl with us the whole weekend. She’s a champ in the car, though.




And as we were driving, we realized that we had to stop to drop the dog off, and Theo’s parents would probably arrive at our house before we did. However, our house was all locked up…so the men came up with this solution…


That’s right..leave our house key at a mile marker, and Theo’s parents (about 30 miles behind us) could stop and pick it up. The plan worked (just in case you were thinking of stopping along highway 23 and stealing our house key..)

I love this shot of Grandpa with his grandkids. They were researching what oppusums and racoons and foxes looked like.


…and then some adults even got in on the research…


And one last parting shot. This morning I was trying to do a wall-sit, and this furry purry climbed up onto my legs. 13 pounds made the wall sit much shorter, but I felt pretty proud of myself that I could hold myself and the cat up! =)


Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Not only could you do a wall sit and hold up the cat, but you took a picture too! Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad to see one Grandpa is breaking in the grandparental chair!

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