June Goals

Ladies and gentleman, we are officially 11 days into June, and I’m just now getting around to making some goals for the month.

May swept through like a tornado, upending so many different aspects of our lives. The dust is just finally starting to settle, but my energy levels have not picked back up. I figured once I stopped working and had more time to get stuff done around the house, I would have a lot more energy, but no. I have a little ameoba sucking all that energy from my body. I do best in the morning when I first get up, so I always make an over-zealous to-do list and then tackle as much as I can in a day. Usually by late afternoon, I am 100% tuckered out and ready for bed, so I drag myself through the rest of the day with the help of snacks, Netlfix, snacks, a good book, snacks, some dinner, snacks, a game night with my husband and did I mention snacks?

Haha, the struggle is real, folks!

I also haven’t mentioned our fasting journey on this blog in a while. We kind of lost momentum in May with all the craziness, but we did still try to do a fast. Our fast for the month was electricity. And let me just say a few words on fasting from electricity. It’s almost impossible. Looking back on it now, I’d say it’s all or nothing. If you want to do a fast like that, I recommend that you walk to your breaker box and switch it all off. We ‘cheated’ so much because we forgot, or because it was so darn inconvenient to cook over the fire instead of on the stove. However, we did do our best to keep all light off, and to cook outside on the grill/fire whenever possible. Looking back, here is what I would do next time:

1.Go all or “something”. Either turn it all off, with no ‘cheats’, or (see #2). We had originally started by wanting it all off, except the fridge and one outlet for charging our phones. This turned into also using the stove, plugging our devices in wherever and not really following our fast. So instead, I’d recommend…

2. Choose several electrical items to go without. This could be something as simple as the microwave and the fan, or you could go a little more extreme and not use lights (put tape over the light switches to remember!), or turning off the hot water heater for your shower (brr…that one is extreme, alright!).

3. Plan ahead. Just like if we were to go camping, I could have made a menu and cooked out on the fire every day, not using anything electrical in the kitchen. But I slacked on making a menu, or getting dinner started early enough to cook it over a fire, so I really did a bad job with forgoing electricity in the kitchen =(

4. I learned a lot…about how to NOT do a fast. It was half-hearted, there was nothing ‘sacrificial’ about it, and it didn’t seem to benefit anything, except us learning from our own mistakes. That being said, I really want to re-do this one, and actually sacrifice something that so many people around the world go without…and that we take for granted.


So now that I’ve re-capped May, here goes my goals for June:

(Our “fast” for the month of June is all about hospitality. It’s technically not denying ourselves something, but instead being more intentional about hospitality)

1. Have a conversation with at least two neighbors

2. Pass our foster care home study

3. Work out/Exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week

4. Blog 4x a week

5. Have guests in our home at least once a week

6. Read 5 books

7. Be intentional about my down time- write letters, finish chores, spend time in prayer, spend time preparing the nursery, fulfill my volunteer positions, bake and share, etc.


And that is all for now, folks! Sorry about the over-wordy, no-pictures post! I just wanted to get this written out for my own future reference. I promise I’ll do better next time!

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