How Does Your Garden Grow?

When we moved into our house a little over a year ago, a garden plot was already dug and pretty much ready for planting.

We were so excited, that we sowed our seed and waited for it grow. We literally knew NOTHING about gardening. Some of our plants did alright, but for the most part, our garden last year was trial-and-error. We took note of what we were doing wrong, and decided that we would do better this year.

This year we were ready when the time came to plant our seeds. We did some research and layed out the garden how we thought it would grow well. We watered those seedlings and soon enough our plants started to grow!



Then life got really busy. Theo started a lawn mowing business. I was busy at work, with pregnancy and all sorts of “extra-curriculars”. Our little seedlings were growing out of their little boxes and we had yet to plant them in the garden! So little by little, free morning by free morning, we finally got the seedlings planted in the garden. One set was planted too early, and the frost killed them off ( did frost well into April this year!). Some are still not planted in the ground (don’t judge!), but most of the plants are in the garden…and THRIVING.

One thing that you should know about our garden….Theo does 98% of the work. I’ve helped plant, I’ve even spent some mornings weeding, and I help to water the garden…but Theo does all the rest. He has dug the rows, planted the plants, weeded the garden, chased the chickens out, and watered it every day that it doesn’t rain.

So here is how our garden is growing so far…


Let’s take a closer look…

Green beans in the top row, cucumbers next, and some zucchini growing in the back of that second row…


Some buds on the green beans!


And a flower on the squash!


This is Theo’s genius idea for a trellis…isn’t he brilliant? The peas are doing awesome growing up this old bed frame.



(yes, that area REALLY needs to be weeded…)

This big ol’ bush is a Potato plant! We had some spuds sitting on my kitchen window sill, and we just threw them in the ground. It’s probably the plant that is faring the best in our garden! There are two of them…I guess we will have lots of potato’s in the coming year!


…And then we have carrots…my favorite. Apparently you don’t need to PLANT carrots, you just need to scatter the seed for them to grow…and grow they do! I guess our seedlings got scattered a little far, because we keep finding carrots coming up all over the place.


We also have some onions, some watermelon and cantaloupe, and some more squash

And last but not least…we have the necessary ingredients for homemade salsa (that Theo LOVES and eats by the jar).

…Tomatoes and Peppers.

Tomatoes need a trellis to grow on, as they are so heavy they will fall off before getting ripe. So Theo fabricated this one for the tomato plants! Brilliant, isn’t he?


So what about you…how does your garden grow?


  1. Nancy says:

    I love the trellises! Great ideas for both of them. I’m hoping a lot of it will be ripe when we come in August….chicken and vegetables on the grill. Yum, yum. And eating at the outdoor table. Can’t wait!

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