40 weeks

We are just going to go back in time for a little moment, ok?

I usually tried to get my weekly bump updates put up on Thursdays. Two weeks ago Thursday, I had great plans for my evening…I was going to write my 40 week blog, then call a friend for a much needed conversation. Instead, I went into labor and delivered Tera early on Friday morning.

But, I wanted to record that 40th week of pregnancy, so that when I look back on this here blog I can have all of the pregnancy down!


How Far Along: 40 weeks! It’s go time, baby girl!

Size of Baby: A very, very heavy pumpkin. A wiggly pumpkin. A pumpkin that is pushing constantly on my bladder and my ribs.

Total Weight Gain: 36 pounds, officially. I’ll take that. The recommended weight gain is between 25-35 pounds, but it really does depend on the woman and the pregnancy.

Stretch Marks: More and more are subtly popping up on my thighs, my sides and you know…other “unspoken” body parts. But overall, I’m mostly stretch-mark free. Which seems unbelievable when you see how far my belly sticks out!

Wedding Rings: On, no swelling. Looks like I’ll make it all the way through pregnancy with them on!

Maternity Clothes: Clothes? At this point, I’m barely even getting dressed. I have a handful of clothes that actually fit, and all of those are either maternity or Theo’s. But, really…I’m not wasting energy on getting dressed anymore.

Gender: Sweet baby girl!!

Movement: Although she has slowed down somewhat, she is still a very consistent wiggler, kicker, puncher and hiccuper. I feel her all the time, and her movement are truly starting to HURT me. I can’t wait to see her movements on the outside!!

Sleep: Pretty awful. I wake up to empty my bladder several times a night. Our bed is on the floor, and I have to haul myself off the bed…each time I am just waiting for my water to break, it takes me so much effort. I have a strong contraction almost every time I get up out of bed or sit down on the toilet, so I’m usually wide awake during those nighttime bathroom trips. I’m still trying to take naps in the afternoon, and at this point I sometimes have to lay down for a morning nap, too. It’s crazy.

(Sidenote: Adding to this AFTER baby is born…I’m getting more/better sleep with a newborn than I was in those last weeks of pregnancy!)

What I miss: Being able to move my body without feeling like I just went for a loooong run. My body seriously cannot take this much longer.

Food Cravings: Nothing, really. I’ll eat anything, especially if it’s cool and sweet.

Food Aversions: None that I can think of. I’m so over this whole pregnancy thing that I don’t care what I eat or don’t eat anymore! As long as I can muster up the energy to throw it together, I’ll eat it!

Symptoms: Very, very, very pregnant. Labor and delivery is near, I can just feel it.

Best Moment This Week: The weather has been glorious, and I finally reached my due date! That is so exciting! Also, Theo and I celebrated our engagement anniversary, which happens to be the same date as my due date! He proposed to me exactly three years before we were due with our baby girl. When he asked me to marry him, I never in a million years could have predicted that!



Worst Moment This Week: Still being pregnant. Honestly, it’s really miserable at this point. Everything hurts, everything is ready…she’s just not coming yet.

Exercise This Week: Still walking every day! I put a little extra lunge into my step when I go up the steep hills in the neighborhood….hoping to induce that labor!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Seeing my parents and my brother/sister-in-law, meeting baby girl!!!!!

Hopefully this will be the last pregnant picture taken of me!




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