Weekly Wrap-Up

As if you haven’t seen enough pictures of Tera Evelynne…

The month of August has absolutely FLOWN by. The first week of Tera’s life was the fastest week I have ever experienced. This past week seems to have passed just as quickly, although it certainly has been a lot more busy!

Many people recommended that I should stay at the house and rest/recuperate as much as possible, but after a week I was going CRAZY, so we decided to start trying to get out of the house a little bit more. We are still not letting everybody and their brother hold Tera, but if you ask nicely I might give in. Yeah, I know…germs. I know…she needs to attach to us. But she’ll be just fine, don’t worry.

So, let’s see.

We (finally) got home from the hospital on Sunday, August 10th. Tera has done a great job since we got home.

The cats really actually don’t care for her. They glare at her when she cries and keep their distance at all other times. Moose was taking a nap, and we laid Tera down next to him. Otherwise, this wouldn’t have happened…


We have a king-sized bed and whenever I lay her down on it, I feel like I’m going to lose her! She’s so tiny!


Theo and I went to a pediatrician that we were NOT pleased with. But don’t worry, we found a much better one that we are much happier with!!


We’ve been getting lots and lots of mail…most of it for Tera. This is by far my favorite piece of mail we have received! My best friend Tam actually painted this just for Tera’s room.


Last weekend, we went to the local sweet corn festival. It was a cloudy day, so we assumed it would be the perfect temperature to carry Tera in the wrap, but when we walked around for a while it got sooo muggy, so we took her out and Theo just carried her on his arm. We got sooo many stares and comments with him carrying her like that!


Grandpa and Grandma are enjoying their time with Tera. I don’t know who enjoys all the love and attention more…Tera, Grandpa and Grandma or me! I sure am going to be sad in a week when they are gone and I have to figure out this whole mothering thing entirely on my own!


Usually I’m not a fan of matching people, but when the person is this cute, I can’t resist throwing polka dots on both of us…


We’ve also had lots and lots of visitors! It’s been so fun to introduce Tera to all her “auntie’s” and to catch up with some friends that I haven’t seen in a long time!



Other than that, my life pretty much consists of feeding a baby and trying to get at least a small amount of household work done in a day. My goal is basically to get my bed made every day. It just makes me feel so much better about myself and what I’ve done for the day.



As far as getting out and about, we have tried to leave the house at least once every other day, whether just a short trip to the bank, a stop at the grocery store, or a much bigger outing like heading to Cedarville for a few hours.

Today we finally got to meet precious Sophia, who was born just 25 hours after Tera! It has been so fun to go through pregnancy with Vanessa, and now we get to raise our baby girls together!

And that’s all for now!


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