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Another birth story! Yay! My friend Jenna is sharing the stories of the births of both her boys! I met Jenna at work, and although we didn’t get a lot of time to get to know each other, I have enjoyed hearing her stories and watching her go through this journey of motherhood!

*If you have questions or comments, or even encouragements for any of the ladies who have shared their birth stories, please feel free to comment, or to send me an email and I can get you into contact with them! If you have a birth story that you would like to share…send it my way!*

Here is Jenna’s story…


My name is Jenna Beymer, I am 24 years old and mother to two wonderful boys.

If I had to describe myself in three words it would be quiet, kid-minded and mommy.

My husband, Kristian and I got married Oct. 1st 2011 after dating and being engaged for 4 years. We plan on trying one more time in a couple of years for a little girl to complete our family.

With Braedyn (my oldest) I got pregnant on our honeymoon. As odd as it sounds I knew the very moment it happened because I could feel something move up into my belly. I took a test 2 weeks later and got a negative and lightly bled so I figured I must have been wrong. However 2 weeks after that I still could not shake the “I’m pregnant” thought and went over to my best friends house with another test. I took it and started shaking all over when I saw the two lines pop up immediately. So happy I ran out and told my friend. We hugged and talked about how hard it was going to be not to tell anyone at work until I had a chance to tell Kristian. It was a day after his birthday so I put the positive test and a card “from baby” in a birthday bag and gave it to him that night. His reaction was one of shock, he opened it set it aside and did not speak of it until the next day. Not the best reaction for me but he needed time to process becoming a daddy right after becoming a husband.

My pregnancy with him went really well, I had some swelling, gained a ton of weight, but had no medical issues. I did have some morning sickness that hit at 9 am every day and lasted until I got sick. For the first 3 months all I could stomach to eat was grapefruit and then finally added in Chips and salsa, after that I had myself on a strict diet because I did not want to gain a lot of weight. My doctor however did not agree with my due date. She was telling me I was due the end of July when according to my date of conception (which I am positive about due to not being able to possibly be any other) was end of June. We did find out that he was a boy and we were so excited to begin shopping. Kristian would stop by the store and bring home things he found on sale on a regular basis, in fact two years later and we STILL have un opened soaps and lotions.

I started having labor pains and consistent contractions on June 26, however he was not progressing and my contractions broke up shortly after getting to the hospital. I was schedule to be induced on July 19 after he still was not coming. We went in at 7 pm July 19th and was admitted into a room and I got hooked up to iv’s and medication to start the process.. I went back and forth from sitting on the bed to on a birthing ball trying to speed things along. My mom and sister were in the room with me and Kristian and I was thankful for the distraction because I was getting bored. I was not in much pain and nothing was happening.

They came in at 5 am and broke my water and an hour later I started having back labor and could not get him to switch so I went ahead and asked for an epidural because he was still not coming and i was told it would be a while still. They came around 8-9 to give the epidural and around 1 came in and told me it was time to try to push. I pushed for about half an hour when everything turned towards the worst.

All of a sudden I felt a pop in my belly and saw blood shoot out and it just kept coming. They had me stop pushing after trying for a couple minutes while bleeding and went to call the doctor. She came in about half an hour later and told me I’d have to have a c-section. I started crying, mostly just because I was so tired and did not like he uncertainty of everything. Kristian went and got my mom who had left the room when I started the pushing process. We then waited until around 4:45 before there was finally a room open for me to have my c section because there were 4 others that had to have an emergency c section at the same time I did and because baby was doing alright I kept getting pushed down the list.

While in surgery I had so much pain on my rib cage from one of the nurses pushing so hard it cracked. The room started spinning and I started blacking out. I remember saying “I can’t stay awake” over and over again. I heard someone say “we are trying to save them both”.

Braedyn was finally born at 5:10 pm July 20 weighing 8 lbs 1 oz and it was determined he was too big for me to have him naturally and he never made it past the pelvic bone. As soon as he came out they sent Kristian out with him and my mom stayed with me as they finished. I completely blacked out and don’t remember anything else but my mom told me that my heart rate kept dropping really low and the nurses had to keep tipping my head back and it would level out. After I was woke up and in the recovery room I was to weak and scared to hold Braedyn so they laid him between my legs and we both slept. I was told I may need a blood transfusion and was pumped with lots of medications. I ended up quickly recovering through the night and was up walking around the next day, slowly and with little help. I ended up staying a total of 4 days but am so thankful that everything turned out alright.

My piece of advice: expect the unexpected. Also cherish every moment and take lots of pictures.



We wanted our kids to be very close in age so we started trying right after Braedyns first birthday and got pregnant at the end of Oct. this time I did not have as strong of feeling probably because I was looking for it so much every month and was getting pretty discouraged. Yes I know it only took 3 months but remember with Braedyn it happened the first time. We found out again near Kristians birthday but he was part of it now and I was telling him how each test went.

This pregnancy I was SO sick all day every day but could still eat. I did not have myself on a diet this time and ate what ever I wanted when ever. I did not gain as much weight with Landyn. There was nothing medically wrong with me but I had so many issues with getting into doctors I went the first 6 months with no doctor at all, finally found a clinic that would help push insurance to accept me and would see me for 6 weeks. With them we found out we were having another boy, I love my boys so much but I did find it really hard to hold back tears that my dreams of a little girl I thought were gone. ( Kristian had been very clear he only wanted two kids, at least until he saw my face when they pointed out it was a boy) I felt awful about my response and still feel guilty though I wouldn’t trade either of my boys. After that we switched to a new doctor I was with her for 1 month.

Because of all of my issues with my previous birth I did not want to chance going through labor only to be told this baby was to big also. I was scheduled for a c section on the 21st of July. Two weeks before my due date the doctor informed me they could no longer see me due to an insurance issue. I was sent to a male doctor and told I had to deliver at the same hospital as before which I was highly against on both accounts. As soon as I saw the new doctor I burst into tears out of frustration mostly. I got rescheduled for a c section on the 23rd at noon.

At 4 AM on the 23rd I woke up having contractions, I figured they were just Braxton hicks and went and sat on my exercise ball to help with the pain and then hopped in the shower. Nothing was taking them away and they were getting closer so I called the hospital to ask if I should come in or wait until noon or until my water breaks. They told me to come in right away. I had to wait on my mother in law to come watch Braedyn, so we made it to the hospital around 7. I was taken back to be checked for progress and was told I was dilated to 6 and my contractions were 3 minutes apart. They rushed to get the doctor in and took me back to the operating room, it was now about 7:45 I was given an epidural and set up.

The doctor came in and within a few minutes Landyn was born at 8:05 weighing 9 lbs 4 oz. I had absolutely no pain or issues this time. Kristian was getting sick and had to leave the room, so the nurse brought Landyn over at sat with me until they got me put back together. I was so happy to actually be able to talk and see him. I was taken to a recovery room to wait on a room to stay in because they were SO busy that day. We waited two hours and finally got one. The whole wait I was sitting up talking to Kristian and my mom and grandma while holding landyn and drinking juice. By 4 pm that day I was getting out of bed and walking completely on my own. It was so much of a better experience, the only thing I wish was different was that Braedyn could have come to visit, but he had hand foot mouth disease.

And one more piece of advice: stay strong when it gets hard and to talk to your babies often.


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    Yes, expect the unexpected. Lol. I was shocked by my first birth (even though it was more or less as I had imagined), pleasantly surprised with my second. I’ll send you mine.

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