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Hello all!

I have a fun little new addition to my blog!

I’ve seen little things like this going around social media, and one of my favorite’s is on Instagram. Two ladies started asking a weekly question, and anyone can answer the question, then “link up” using a certain hashtag. It makes it so fun to click on the hashtag and read through other people answering the same question. It’s a great way to find new ‘grammers to follow, and to meet some new people! I love it so much, I decided to create something similar here on my blog!

Each Thursday, I will ask a completely random question…I mean COMPLETELY random. Then, I will answer the question…and then I expect you to do the same!

There are a couple ways that you can answer the question:

First, if you have a blog…answer the question on your blog! If you sometimes have a hard time getting inspired to write a post, this is the perfect deal for you! I will inspire you…you write…and then you come back here, link your blog up…and other readers can read your answer! How fun! And…I am leaving the link open for a whole week! Soooo, you don’t have to get it done on Thursday! You can read the question on Thursday, then think about it all weekend, then spent all week writing your post and get it linked up by the following Thursday!

Linking up is just click the link up button below, then add your link! Like I said…simple!

Now, I know not all of my readers have a blog, but I still want to hear from you! If you don’t have a blog, you can answer either in the comments section or on one of the social media platforms (ei, on The Glorious Mundane facebook page, on Twitter, or even on Instagram).

So, the very first question is……



What is your favorite color and why?

(profound, I know!).


My favorite color is blue. Blue. Blue. Blue!!!! I love every shade of it…except baby blue.

I love blue because there are so many shades…and it is everywhere. It is such a relaxing, happy color. It can be calming, or exciting, it looks good on almost any skin tone, it is the color of the gorgeous rainy season sky in Niger, the color of the Dominican ocean, and the color of the hot summer sky in America.

Is that enough reason to love blue? Here is some proof of why I love blue…

My bridesmaids in their blue dresses…don’t they all look amazing?

The blue sky and water in the DR on our honeymoon…


The gorgeous blue sky at Camp Ladore, where I spent three summers of my life pretty much constantly outdoors…

It’s the color of my babies eyes, too!

Now what about you? What is your favorite color and why?

Link up below, comment below, or comment on one of the social media sites!





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