Weekly Wrap-Up

Ok, so I like to post my weekly wrap-ups on Sunday….but Sunday came and went…and it was not posted.

And then Monday came and went…and it was not posted.

And now it’s Tuesday! And I’m hoping that it will get posted today…

This past week was pretty exciting!

Theo works every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. But we were invited to a wedding in Michigan on this particular Saturday, so he wanted to get that day off. Now, his work is not like most works where you get vacation days or sick days. Nope. If he takes the day off, he gets a point…and a certain amount of points gets him fired. At the moment, he has no points, so we were perfectly willing to accept a point…but then that means we wouldn’t get paid for 16 hours of work. So instead Theo switched shifts with someone. Someone took his Saturday shift, and he took their Wednesday shift. This worked great, except for the fact that it meant that Theo worked Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- two 16 hour shifts and one 24 hour shift, with over an hour commute to home and back. As soon as he picked up that Wednesday shift, we agreed that it would not work for him to go to work in the morning and come back in the night, only to wake up and go to work again a couple hours later. So Theo decided to stay at work Tuesday- Thursday. Well, I didn’t want to be alone at home for three days straight, so I decided I would head up to Michigan early and stay with my in-laws!

So, Tuesday morning I loaded up our truck with a TON of stuff, Tera and Cyrus. I honestly had no clue how the trip would go…but it went pretty well. Both Tera and Cyrus did great in the car, and we only had to make two stops. Now…each stop took over an hour because I had walk Cyrus around, let him go to the bathroom, feed Tera, change her diaper and change her outfit. Then, I would try to go to the bathroom while holding Tera. I highly recommend traveling WITH someone while road-tripping with a baby… but alas, such is life. We survived. And it only took two hours longer than it should have.



Being at my in-laws was so wonderful for both me and Tera. Tera just loved all the people who were there to hold her, and she sure looked adorable the whole week…


Uncle Aaron holding Tera!


Grandma holding Tera….and probably singing to her. Grandma Hines is wonderfully gifted in music, and she is always singing to the grandbabies. I absolutely love it!


Having some tummy time…she didn’t get as much tummy time as she should have, since there was almost always someone that wanted to hold her!


I walked into the room to find Tera like this…lol.


Theo and his Dad were doing some taekwondo practice in the basement. They both said they would “watch” Tera. I go down to the basement a few minutes later to find them like this…

IMG_8705 IMG_8712

Nobody can resist kissing that head!


On Saturday we got all dolled up for a wedding! One of Theo’s high school friends got married, and it was such a blessing and privilege to be able to attend!

Momma and mini…


Our little family…

IMG_8744 IMG_8749

This is what Tera did the whole ceremony…


When we got to the reception, I had to nurse Tera. I know, it’s just fine to nurse in public, but I don’t particularly enjoy it, so I always try to find an out-of-the-way spot to nurse her. We found this utility room that was perfect. Unfortunately, it was not heated and since I had taken my heels off, my feet were SO COLD. So Theo gave me his shoes.


Party people! Tera loved Jamie. These two are getting married next!


The bride and groom having their first dance.


Tera’s latest thing is sticking her tongue out. She seriously looks like a snake/lizard/reptile when she does it…except like 100x cuter!


I love my girlie!


This is Theo and Tera dancing to the song “My girl”. Precious. so precious.


Our table! These are Theo’s friends from high school (minus me and Jamie, of course).

IMG_8785 IMG_8787

And on Sunday it was time to drive back… We put Tera and Cyrus in the back together. It worked out pretty well, except when he wanted to get to the other side of Tera. He may have stepped on her foot once or twice, so we eventually threw him into the back of the truck (in his crate). He actually seemed to love it back there!

IMG_8789 IMG_8793 IMG_8795

And then we arrived home to the chaos that always builds up while away. Laundry, dishes, an empty fridge, a full litter box…all that fun stuff. We had also scheduled Tera for her 2 month appointment first thing in the morning. We did not sleep well Sunday night, and Monday was a little bit of a rough day. But Theo was home, and he cleaned almost the entire house top to bottom. I threw a meal in the crockpot, and we were able to redeem the day.

But poor girlie here was a little fussy, a little lethargic and a lot sleepy from her shots. It’s no fun for mommy, either!


So Theo gave her a bath…which she LOVES.


And today calm has mostly been restored… My life is always a little bit chaotic, but looking out into my living room just reminds me how blessed I am.


And that is all for now!


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