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This past week has been one of the hardest weeks since we brought Tera home. Tera did not sleep well at all, and Theo and I both had long work weeks. I went back to work for the first time since having her, and while she was in perfectly good hands with Daddy, she threw a fit about taking a bottle (which she has been perfectly fine with in the past). She has decided she will take one and then refused one the very next feeding. It’s very frustrating for us to know when she will or won’t take a bottle, especially when I have actually committed to working several more days. On top of all that came exhaustion of not sleeping well, and I’m fairly certain that she is going through a growth spurt. PLUS…the weather. It actually got cold enough to drop a few snowflakes out of the sky.

But in the midst of all that craziness, God has been faithful, and Theo has been wonderful. I am so thankful to be partnered with him in this crazy thing called life. And Tera truly is our proud and joy! We love watching her learn and grow.

Here is Tera when she finally decided the bottle was ok. She insisted (as much as an infant can insist!) on holding the bottle with her own hands. She does the same thing while nursing…she wants to hold on with her hands or stick her own hands in her mouth.


Theo worked Sat and Sun (straight through), I worked Monday, Theo worked Tues, I worked Weds and Theo worked Thurs. Few! Tera and I got a lot of time together while Theo was gone….


I was making some lunches for Theo and I turned around to see this. I had just taken some chicken out of a bag and I think they were all waiting for me to drop a piece. Then its pretty much all out war to see who gets it first. Except Tera, of course…she just looks cute as my little kitchen buddy!


Theo and I have been looking around for houses that are for sale. Partly just because its fun to dream and think about it, and partly because we would consider owning a house instead of paying rent. We went into this one house that an OLD couple were moving to Georgia and selling their home. The old man said he was 85 and had broken both of his legs, but he still showed us every inch of the house. He even got down on his hands and knees and crawled through the crawl space to show us! haha! And then he was showing us all his beautiful landscaping he picked a rose and gave it to Tera. Awww.


The school I work at is also a church, and the church hosted a Halloween event. We scrambled to find Tera a cute and inexpensive outfit and this is what we came up with:


I’ll write a different post on Halloween and what we think of it…coming soon!

Here are some more pictures at the event:

It was so cold and we had to bundle Tera up!


There were lots of cars parked and it was a “trunk or treat” deal- but by the time we got there, there was no candy left! Tera was so sad about that………


They had a hay ride and we really enjoyed going on that. It was short enough that we didn’t get too cold, but long enough that it was worth it. Although it was free so we don’t have any reason to complain!


Theo and our precious Tera.


Me and my mini-me (everybody tells me that she looks just like me. Poor thing!)


She is growing and developing SO MUCH! It’s crazy! She can hold her body up with her legs now. It’s amazing to me how she was born this helpless little blob and is now becoming this little human! I know it sounds weird, it’s so hard to explain…but that is truly how I feel!


Theo and I have been working on this window diy re-do for a while now. Theo found the window in the trash and glued boards to the back. I then covered the boards in scrapbook paper and several of them in corkboard. I hung it up in my kitchen, put some of my favorite pictures on it, and will pin notes, cards and recipes up on it as they come along. I absolutely love it. Total $? 0. A big fat 0. The window was free, and I had all the other supplies on hand.

IMG_9218 IMG_9221 IMG_9223

It has gotten so cold this week, but Theo and I are determined to continue going for daily walks! It was so cold this particular day that we put Tera in the carrier on Theo’s chest and then he put his coat on over her. She was very warm!


And one more picture just to close out the post..

We went to a Halloween event, and they had an artist doing free caricatures! We had to wait in line for a while. As we waited, the ladies in front of us had 4 children and 3 adults. We figured they would get a family portrait or 1-3 different pictures. But nope. All 7 of them got individual ones. Phew. I guess if they are free….! The ladies showed us theirs and I thought that it looked exactly like them, but I don’t think ours look too much like us. Haha. It’s adorable, though, and I love it. And it looks more like us than one we got done at the fair one time (for a huge price).



And that’s all for now! Have a great week! And wish us luck as I work again this week (just two days!)

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