Thursdays Question

Thanks for stopping by for Thursdays Question! For those of you who have never stopped by on a Thursday…this is Thursdays Question! I ask a question, I answer the question…then you do the same! You can answer in the comments here, you can post your own blog post answering the question (just make sure you post the link in the comments!), or you can go to The Glorious Mundane on facebook and answer the question there.

Today’s question is…

What is the best compliment you have ever received?


Personally, the best compliment I have ever received has just happened recently…since Tera was born. When people walk up to me holding Tear, and gush about how beautiful/cute/adorable she is…and then they turn to me and say,

“Wow, she looks JUST like you!” or, “My, she is your mini-me!”

I think that the reason that I love this compliment so much is because I know it’s not just a compliment gushed at me for good feelings. It’s an implied compliment, and those are the best ones. It’s telling me my baby is beautiful, and then saying she looks just like me. I’ll take it!


So what about you? What is the best compliment you have ever received? Don’t be shy….share it with us!

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