Tera Evelynne: 3 Months

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Tera is 3 months old tomorrow (the 8th).

I’m still confused about when she is actually three months old. Is it the 8th? Is it 12 weeks? Or is it the first Friday of the month? Anyways, just to make things less confusing, I will do her monthly update on the first Friday of each month. Technically, since she is just hitting the three month milestone, this update will catch us all up on the past month of her life.

I cannot believe how fast these last three months have gone. Tera is such a joy and delight. As I talk to more and more people, I am also realizing that she is an angel baby. I did not think that in the first two months between the hours of 5 and 10 pm, but she has graduated from her constant fussy/crying stage and is now all giggles and wiggles and only tears when she is hungry, dirty, tired, or has a really stubborn bubble in her tummy.

Weight/Length: Theo just weighed her on our bathroom scale, and she weighs 12.5 pounds! Wow! She is also really tall for her age…at her last appointment, she was in the 75th percentile for height. Taking after her Daddy!


Eating: Tera eats every 3 hours, pretty much on the clock. I am finding out that I am doing baby-led feeding, which means that when she says she is hungry, I feed her. I usually force her to go at least 2.5 hours if she is crying after one hour, but overall she eats every 3 hours, almost to the minute.

Tera picks and chooses when she wants to take a bottle. She is really great at drinking Momma’s milk from a bottle…sometimes. And then randomly she throws a huge fit (can anybody say temper tantrum?) when she doesn’t want it. We try to give her at least one bottle a day just to keep her used to it for that days that I have to go into work.

She’s obviously gaining weight, so I think that she is doing a great job eating!


Sleeping: Tera is on a sleep.eat.play schedule, and that all happens in a regular 3 hour block. So she wakes up, then eat, then plays for an hour or so, then sleeps for an hour or so. Then when she wakes up, the cycle starts over again. So we don’t yet have set nap times, but she usually ends up taking a morning nap, an afternoon nap and sometimes an evening nap. She is then sleeping 8 hours at night, waking up for a feeding and then often going back to sleep for an hour or so. It’s such a blessing.


Clothing/Diapers: Tera was in newborn clothes for the first 2 months of her life. I figured we would be going through clothes very quickly…but then she shot through this month and is already almost out of her 3 month clothes. I have her in some 3-6 month clothes on some days! Stop growing up, baby girl!


Cloth diapers and still going GREAT for us. I rarely have blow out diapers, Tera never has a rash and as long as I stay on top of the laundry, we are saving a ton of money. I calculated it out a couple weeks ago, and the lump sum that we spent on cloth diapers (a little under $300) now equals what we would have spent on disposables! Wow! We are now saving money!

Personality: Tera is SO social, and very vocal. She has started babbling LOUDLY, especially to her Daddy. If she is ever out in public she NEVER fusses, but always just watches the people, listens to all the voices and even talks and smiles at people. Sometimes I take her out of the house just so that she will get in a happy mood (funny…the same thing happens to me when I leave the house.)

Tera is also a little drama queen. She responds so dramatically to little things that happen to her- like when Daddy is talking to her, or when the cat (or mommy) accidentally scratches her. When she talks, she yells, and when she smiles, she uses her entire body.


It’s amazing to see how her personality is so much like mine, and yet she has so much of Theo in her, too. And yet she is only 3 months old.



  • Her Daddy (she will not stop watching him or talking to him if he is in the room)
  • Clean diapers
  • People smiling, laughing and talking to her
  • Going for walks (we go every day)
  • Her Bumbo seat
  • Going outside
  • Bath time




  • Wind in her face
  • Bottles (sometimes)
  • Being pulled out of a warm bathtub (this child SCREAMS when you end her bath time)
  • Dirty diapers


New Developments:

  • Sitting up in her Bumbo seat (holding her head up)
  • Supporting her weight with her legs if you stand her up
  • She rolled over twice for us, but hasn’t done it again
  • Putting her hands to her mouth, staring at her hands and her toes



  • Talking, babbling, cooing and giggling
  • Recognizing Mommy and Daddy over other friendly people


Daddy and Mommy: We are both doing well. We have finally settled into a schedule as a family. I have gone back to work just a few days a week, and only when Theo is home to watch Tera. Theo continues to work at least 48 hours a week (plus around 9 hours of driving), and his lawn mowing business is slowing down for the winter so we are looking forward to that. Life is hectic sometimes, but it sure is beautiful.



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