Stocking Stuffers!

These are a few of my favorite things (Part 2: Stocking Stuffers). I’m linking up with some other bloggers to compile a list of stocking stuffers!

I LOVE stockings on Christmas mornings, because sometimes small gifts are the best. And sometimes small gifts are also the cheapest, which you all know I absolutely love!

Speaking of stockings- what should I do? I made stockings for Theo and I a few years back. Moose also has a stocking. But I don’t have one for Tera! The ones I made for Theo and I are just red and green. Does anyone know where I can get a cute stocking for our little Tera?

And here is a compilation of stocking stuffers for my little family…just a few ideas to get started.

PicMonkey Collage2

For Theo:

Shotgun shells are always appreciated. Always. Shotgun shells and gun supplies (or if I could afford a new gun) are the way to my mans heart!

Gift cards to plan future date nights might sound selfish, but I bet he would love it!

For Tera:

Anything Tera sized could probably fit in a stocking, so I had a hard time narrowing it down to two! A pacifier would be awesome for her- I know we should be thinking about breaking that habit, but at the same time…we are running a little low (the cat at one, and the dog ate another one).

And how about some leg warmers? Leg warmers are ADORABLE! I just googled leg warmers and stole this picture from a handmade shop (that I now can’t find! ARG!!!). There are tons of little shops on Etsy or just on google that sell these in every shape, design and color! Love them!

For Suzanne:

My love language is 100% gifts. You could buy me a stocking full of that Trident gum and I would think you were the greatest friend in the world. So I kept my stocking stuffer list simple. Some new bottles of lotion (for the diaper bag, for the bathroom, for the kitchen sink…the list could go on) and some of my favorite gum. Of course, some shiny jewerly or a nice scarf or some socks would be just as welcome, too!


What about you? What would you like to find in your stocking? Or what are you stuffing into stockings?


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