Thursdays Question

I’m back with Thursday’s Question!

I took a little bit of an unplanned break to pack up my house, move, live in a renovation, unpack my house, celebrate Christmas, travel to Michigan AND be a Mom! Phew!

But I’m back, and I hope to make this a very consistent weekly post.

If you are new here…I ask a question, I answer the question…and then you get to answer it! Either in the comments, in your own blog post, or in the comments section of my facebook page.

Since today is a new year and all…I thought I’d give us all a break from resolutions and past memories….

So today’s question is:

What is your favorite snack food?


Mine is chips. Aldi sells these garlic roasted pita chips that I absolutely love.

But if I’m gonna snack on something sweet, I’m an M&Ms girl all the way.

And if I had to pick something healthy, I’d got with carrot sticks.


What about you? What is your favorite snack?

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