I said I never would…

….let my kid have snot running out of their nose

….put my kid in the nursery

….ride in the backseat with the child (with the front seat vacant)

….lose my temper

…..have a “changed” marriage/relationship with my husband because of babies


I asked some of my blog followers the same question on my facebook page and these were some of the answers:

….give into picky eating and make special meals

…..let my kids have a meltdown in public

….have a meltdown in public because of my kids

….tell my kids to clean their room

….bring the baby into my bed at night

….get an epidural

….share my cup with my kids

…..call my kids by their siblings name

…..give my kids a snack while making dinner

…..go to the bathroom with the door open

…..try to catch puke, poop or any other gross thing with my hand to avoid in landing somewhere that would take more work to clean up

….give my baby a pacifier

….formula feed

….suck out boogers with the Nose Frida


And what was the question, you may ask? The question was “What is something that you said you would never do….that you have totally done.”

Answers: all of the above.

Hahaha. I love being a Mom. I love hearing from other mothers, I love knowing that I am not alone. I love knowing that motherhood often throws some pretty crazy curveballs!

What about you? How would you answer this question?



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