Thursdays Question

Welcome back to Thursdays Question! As always, feel free to answer in the comments (here or on Facebook), or do your own blog post answering the question! I haven’t gotten a ton of feedback on this, but I know that YOU are reading it….so go ahead and answer the question! I love feedback!

Today’s question is….

What is your favorite (non-traditional) sport to watch? And by non-traditional, I mean…it’s not on ESPN every other day of the week.

I’m always amazed at how many different sports are out there…and some of them are insane! But I have to admit that Synchronized Swimming gets me every time! I mean…it’s like gymnastics and swimming and I’m totally enthralled the entire time. How do they hold their breath? And how did they do THAT?

Now what about you? What is your favorite (non-traditional) sport to watch?





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