Thursdays Question

Hello again!

Thanks for all your feedback on this Thursdays Question dealio! I love to have interaction with my readers, and I thought this would be a fun idea to try. Just answer the question in the comments (here or on Facebook), or on your own blog. Just make sure you share your blog link here so that we can all read your answer.

Todays question:

What is your go-to work out when you can’t get outside and you don’t have a gym membership?

I’m pretty bad at working out in the winter, since I’m a total outdoorsy girl, and we don’t have money in the budget for a gym membership. Pinterest is SO full of ideas that I sometimes get totally overwhelmed…or distracted. So my favorite workout is simple and can be adjusted based on what needs to be worked out.

Pick 4 different exercises (or more!). (Lunges, Curls, Crunches and Jumping Jacks, for example). Then start at 12. Do 12 of each. Then do 11 of each. Then do 10 of each. You get the picture? If you are really feeling ambitious, you can count back up! Then the next day you can focus on the muscles that you didn’t use today.

What about you?

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