Thursdays Question

Hello there!

If you are new to Thursdays Question, this is just a fun little post that gets my readers talking. I ask a question…you answer it! You can answer it here in the comments or in the comments section on my facebook page (The Glorious Mundane). Or, you could write your own blog post answering the question! Please join in…don’t be shy!

Today’s Question:

If you could go back to school (college), what would you study (different from what studied)?

If you haven’t been to college yet (or you never did go- that’s fine!), what are you planning on studying?


I majored in Early Childhood Education, and I absolutely LOVE the major that I picked. But, if I had to go back and major in something else, it would probably be event planning. I think that is a job I would truly enjoy!


What about you?


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