Where Have You Been?

Woah. It’s been like two weeks since I’ve blogged. Oopsies. Here are a couple of reasons that I haven’t blogged:

1. Writers block. I’ve run out of things to blog about. What do I do all day? Change diapers and wash dishes. Do you want to hear about that? I don’t think so, just stop being so silly (Veggie Tales?!)!!! So, what do you want to hear about/read/see? More pictures of Tera? Random thoughts that bounce around in my head? Menu planning? Nothing at all? Let me know…I need some inspiration!

2. A vacation! Theo and I planned to go up to Michigan last Friday morning and stay for a long weekend. BUT, Theo surprised me by getting a day off work and taking me up early- on Tuesday! So I was without internet and enjoying my time with Theo, Tera and Theo’s family. I’ll write a post on that trip soon.

3. Winter blues. I have a BAD case of the winter blues. February is killing me. The cold is killing me. The way my toes feel right now makes me want to curl up and cry. Am I dramatic? Yes. But I also really, really struggle (a lot!) with winter and getting through it sane. Say a pray for me, will you?

4. The Mundane. I wax eloquently about how even the most mundane life can bring God glory. Well, I’ve lost sight of that the past few weeks and it’s truly been a struggle to remember that my life’s work (being a Mom) is a meaningful and holy job. Sometimes that is SO hard to grasp, though. SO, SO hard. It’s discouraging and exhausting and I know in my heart that it is all worth it, but I’m going through a stage where I have to constantly remind myself of that because my head is telling me daily that this is such a HARD job.

5. Sleep. I mean LACK of sleep. Tera has been doing this awesome thing where she will go down for a nap NO PROBLEM. And then 20 minutes later POP! Her eyes are open and there is no more sleeping. It’s really hard to get anything done or to even function like a human being when I spend those 20 minutes going to the bathroom and filling up my water bottle…and mayyyyybe grabbing a bite to eat. Blogging hasn’t really happened around that impossible nap schedule!

6. A computer that is almost 6 years old. I am still typing on the one and only computer that I have ever owned. I saved up all my high school graduation money gifts + some of my paychecks for my first summer working at camp (first job ever!) and bought this gorgeous, brand new Macbook. It carried me all the way through the four years of college and beyond. A couple months ago it “died”, so I took it into Best Buy, and the guy declared he had never even seen this type of Macbook still working (really?!? It’s ONLY 5 years old… I’m not THAT ancient!). Anyways, it was revived (with no help from Best Buy Guy, fyi) and has been ever so faithfully working for me….complete with spinning rainbow circle every time I type three letters and heaven forbid I open more than one tab or have more than one program running at a time. It makes it a *little* bit hard to blog when I just want to throw my computer out the window!!!

All those things combined have made me a bad, bad blogger. Hopefully you haven’t given up on me, and you are just waiting to hover your mouse over the link to read this post. I know it’s not the most exciting post…but hey! It’s something. And I promise that I’m going to do better! And I’m encouraged because Tera has been asleep the whole time I’ve been writing this post! Woooohoooo!

So while she is still asleep, I’m gonna go fill my water bottle and put another log on the fire so my toes can stay warm. Stay tuned for more blog posts coming your way soon!

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