When Theo is Gone – Part I

Last week, I introduced my new series, When Theo is Gone. In case you missed it, I simply plan on telling the *funny* stories that happen to me when Theo is gone. Theo works 24 hour shifts, which doesn’t seem like a very long time…until we are at hour 14 and I realize I have 10 hours left.

I always joke about wanting to write a book about all these things that happen to me when Theo is gone, and I decided my blog would be the best place to start recording those stories. So here we go!


This is Moose.

We got Moose exactly one week after we got back from our honeymoon. He was 10 weeks old.

Moose was our baby. For two whole years. Until Tera came along. I scrolled through some of our pictures to find some pictures of Moose and I can’t stop finding hilarious ones!!! Moose has so much personality!

When this particular story took place, Theo and I had only been married a few months. Moose was still a kitten. Theo was working not too far away (he walked to work) at a data analysis place.

His boss loved animals. Tuck that information away in your head, as it comes in handy later in the story.

I was at home, enjoying being a domestic housewife. (I have no idea what I was actually doing, but as a newlywed, I’m sure I was simply basking in the glory of living in my own apartment with my husband!).

I was walking to the bathroom, which also happened to be in the same general direction of Moose’s food. Moose has always, always, always LOVED food. Not just enjoys eating food, but adores food.

So as I made my way to the bathroom, Moose ran next to me, then made a direct cut towards his food- right in front of me. My foot collided with him, and something snapped. I’m not even kidding, something snapped. At first I wasn’t sure if it was my toe or Moose, but I soon realized that it was Moose. He howled and fled towards the bathroom where he hid behind something.

This was me:

I coaxed him out and noticed that his paw was BENT! It was BENT! I freaked.out. (which I never do, har har har har). I ran (with Moose) to our bed and grabbed my phone to call Theo. I don’t react very well in emergency situations and by that point I was sure. positive. convinced that we had to put our precious Moose down, and that there was no way he could live through this.

Theo’s phone rang and rang and rang. No answer. I was BAWLING over the imminent death of our poor cat. I left a voicemail on Theo’s phone that went something along the lines of:

I know you are at work (sniff sniff waaahhhhh), but I think (sob sob) that I BROKEMOOSESLEG (*bawling*). Call me back!

(Fyi- Theo saved that voicemail for several years until we had to get a new phone plan. We would listen to it whenever we needed a good laugh).

Several minutes later, Theo heard the voicemail and talked to his boss. His boss INSISTED that Theo go home and help with the cat with the broken/fractured leg. Remember, she loved animals. Theo rushed home to find me still sitting on the bed with Moose, crying. Moose was not interested in moving or walking. Theo took one look at his leg and said, “oh dear”. He approached and petted Moose, and then gingerly bent his paw back and forth. Through my tears I saw Moose wince, and told my heart to say goodbye to Moose. I was convinced I had killed him. Only a few short weeks that he had lived with us..

Then, wait…..

Theo realized that Moose’s paw was bent because it is SUPPOSED to bend! Ha. Haha. Hahahahaha. Moose was fine after all! He didn’t have to die! He did limp for a few days, but all was well. And he is STILL alive, folks! Alive and well.


(This photo was taken while I wrote this post- proof that Moose is still alive!)

Thanks for reading! This is only the first story- they get better from here. The stories will probably be in no particular order, I just thought this would be a good story to start with. Come back next week for some more!

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