Show and Tell Tuesdays: My Most Embarrassing Moment

I’m linking up with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesdays again! This is such a fun link-up! Every other Tuesday there is a prompt to follow and blog about. I have loved responding to the prompts, and reading everyone else responses! My favorites so far have been How You Met Your Mate and Favorite Room Edition. I have the feeling this one will be popular, too!

Lets see….my most embarrassing moment. I have a TON to choose from. I’m both very laid back/outgoing, and deeply/easily embarrassed, which is not a good combination.

I get embarrassed every single time I use the self checkout line. I get deeply embarrassed whenever someone honks at me. I get easily embarrassed, and it’s actually really hard for me write/share about these moments…even though I tend to share pretty much everything on this here blog.

So, my most embarrassing moment?

Please feel free to laugh along with me.

This happened not too long ago, after Tera was a few months old. I’ve been doing this super-woman stunt about once a month that is called: Attending Church With A Baby, But Without A Spouse. Trust me…if you have ever had to lug you baby, your bag, your Bible, your nice shoes and your program through church solo…you know what I am talking about. It’s really hard. And it’s even harder to be on time, because no matter how hard I try, Tera poops her diaper right when I am heading out. And that requires an entire outfit change- because we are going to church.

This particular Sunday I was fairly late for church. Our church has a large population of families with young children. And anyone with young children knows that you HAVE to snag the aisle seats or else you will be crawling over 20 people every time your child needs to go potty (which is probably 2-5 times a service!).

Since I was late, I had to sit in the middle of an aisle. With my 4 month old, who ALWAYS has to eat during the service.

So as we stand to sing the song before the sermon, I decide it would be a good time to crawl behind all the standing people (with my baby and my diaper bag), so I could go feed Tera. I safely make it to the end of the aisle on my knees (I really hope you can picture this), and as I step down, my foot catches and I completely biff it. Flat on the floor. In the aisle. In the middle of the church service.

I hope you feel as uncomfortable right now as I did in that moment. I hope you are holding your hand over your mouth trying to contain the silent laughter that threatens to explode. I hope that your husband leans over and says, “What are you laughing about?”

I truly, truly hope that you laugh. Because otherwise I feel even more embarrassed that I published this story!

I’m sure I was only on the floor about 5 seconds, and right now I have no idea what I had done with Tera. I know she didn’t fall on the floor with me. Maybe I didn’t even have her in my arms. I was so deeply embarrassed that I can’t remember anything except hitting the floor.

But! I popped right back up, smiled at all the horrified faces around me and made a quick exit. It felt to me like the whole church saw me…but I really think it was only a couple people.

All right! Now that I have shared that story! What is your most embarrassing moment?

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