Tera Evelynne: 8 months


8 months! I sound like a broken record…but I can’t believe we are already at 8 months.

The above picture has not been edited at all! That is really the color of her eyes! YIKES, Daddy…load that shotgun now!

Another side note: I.give.up. on taking these monthly pictures. I got SO frustrated today that I had to go outside and pick up garbage. No, not a punishment. As something to DO to get my frustration out. It was like everything that I tried to get her to do, she did the opposite. About every 40 pictures and a camera battery change later, I finally got ONE non-blurry photo. So forgive the pictures in this post. I gave it my best shot!





Weight/Length: Tera is around 15 pounds and fairly tall. I’m not sure her percentages, but she is teeny, tiny compared to all the other little girls her age at church. But who’s comparing?


Eating: Tera is doing a great job eating anything that is given to her. She sometimes has a really hard time eating when we spoon feed her. It’s not because of what we are feeding her, but rather because she so desperately wants to feed herself. Since I get food assistance with WIC, we got a lot of free baby food, so we are trying to make sure that we use that. I have also decided to just mash up whatever we are eating, and let her go to town on it. Here she is eating some hamburger, cheese and french fries (homemade, don’t worry!)


Sleeping: Hallelujah, PRAISE THE LORD!

Tera is finally consistently sleeping through the night. And when she sleeps through the night she takes great naps. And when she does both of those things, Mommy can FUNCTION! It’s been eight loooooong months for me, and I’m hoping that this arrangement is here to stay!

We finally decided to introduce a bottle of formula to her right before she goes to bed. It takes a baby longer to digest formula and therefore they can often sleep for longer when they drink it. That is the only bottle of formula that she gets and so far I’m willing to do that because my sanity was long gone.


Clothing/Diapers: Cloth diapers all the way! I finally have a good routine for washing them and that really helps.

Tera is finally in 6-9 month clothes, although I still have a couple of outfits that are 3-6 month.


Personality: This child is unstoppable. She wakes up bouncing up and down and smiling and screaming (happy screams!), and she rarely stops doing that all day long. She absolutely LOVES people. All kinds of people, from little babies that cry to old people that smile at her. She loves it all. Tera hardly sits still for .3 seconds. If she is released from bondage (ei the high chair, crib or car seat), she is cruising everywhere. She is also very loud!



  • Moose!
  • Daddy and Mommy
  • Bath Time
  • Crawling
  • Daddy “rough housing”- throwing her, tickling her, etc.
  • Other people (going to the store is her FAVORITE)
  • Going for walks
  • Fooooood!



  • Being laid on her back (diaper changes are TORTURE!)


  • Being left alone
  • Getting strapped into her carseat

New Developments:

Tera crawls everywhere…super fast. She can now crawl over obstacles, too!


Tera is chewing on everything…but no teeth yet!


Tera can sit herself up from laying down now! The other morning Tera ended up in bed with us. I was sound asleep but when I opened my eyes Tera was sitting about two inches from face with the biggest, most excited smile on her face. It was adorable.


On that note…Tera is finally sleeping in her own room! Woohoo!

Tera can pull herself up on onto things. She will pull herself up onto anything that she can find. Climbing is in her near future!


Daddy and Mommy: Thankfully, things have really calmed down since last month. We are still busy, but this time it is all things that we WANT to do- getting together with friends, continuing with our foster care process, getting outside for walks. And finally, finally sleeping through the night! We are looking forward to the summer for sure!

Adios! See you next time!


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