Thursday’s Question

I haven’t kept up with my Thursday’s Question blog lately. I had hoped I would get more feedback, but I don’t want to quit it, either.

SO! If you are reading along, perhaps you can comment your response here on the blog, or on the facebook page, or maybe even write it in your journal or use it as your own blog prompt! It doesn’t have to be done on Thursday! It can be done any time of the week. I’d love to hear your responses!

Today’s question is:

Is your home/apartment clean?

(Picture evidence will get you bonus points!!)

Today, my home is VERY clean! We had a home study this morning which means that I cleaned it very thoroughly. It could probably be more ORGANIZED, but on the surface it is very clean.

I also have Thursday morning play dates so the house is usually “presentable” on Thursdays. It’s not perfect, but at least I don’t have stuff all.over the place.

Usually our house is pretty clean, but there are days when I look at it and wonder how I didn’t hear the bomb that obviously went off. And then there are the days that I seriously remember myself cleaning everything up the night before….but when I wake up it seems that the little elves have destroyed everything already. Oh, wait…maybe that is Tera…in the first five minutes of being awake. Hahah!

And I’m not posting pictures because I am waiting to post my before and after pictures of the rest of the house! No bonus points for me!


But what about you? Is your home/apartment clean? I’d love to see pictures!!


    • Beth Bo. says:

      I posted my comment and then thought of something funny I found when I recently cleaned my refrigerator – refrigerated mosquitoes. 🙂 At least they were biting me there.

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