Show and Tell Tuesdays: What’s in a Name

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Today’s prompt is all about choosing our kids name. I decided I would simply repost the original post I wrote announcing her name.


We named her Tera Evelynne Hines.

Why did we do that?

Well, first of all….we loved the names.

Yes, we know Tera is usually spelled Tara. But we just wanted to confuse you.

Just kidding. There is actually a LOT of personal significance behind the name Tera.

I was raised very differently from most American children, not in the lifestyle of my home, but in the place that I grew up.

(yep, that’s me!)

Obviously, this place is very significant to me. But I also had the chance to take Theo to Tera two years ago when we were in Niger for a visit. It was pretty much one of my favorite things to watch Theo interact with the people in Tera. We fell in love with each other even more the day we were able to visit my childhood home.

The name Evelynne also has special significance. My Mom’s name is Nancy Eveyln, and both my great-grandma and my great-great-grandma also had the middle name Evelyn.

Tera with her Grandma:




So there you have it! Why we named her Tera Evelynne Hines. We are in love with her name, but even more than that, we sure are in love with her!



And just to make this post more interesting, I have to throw in how we named our cat, too!

Moose Esau

When I lived in Tera (the village, not the baby), we spoke Songhai. In Songhai the word for cat is….mus (pronounced just like Moose). So when you say ‘here kitty kitty’ you say ‘mus, mus, mus!’ So, of course…we had to name our cat that. So Moose it is.

Now you may wonder how a feline managed to get a middle name. Well, we got Moose just a few weeks after we got married, and Moose was most certainly our baby. But he was very furry. In the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau, Esau is the hairy one. Soooo…Moose Esau.

Clever, I know.

We later got a dog and named him Hansi. I’ll give you one guess what Hansi means in Songhai….

If you guessed ‘dog’, you would be correct! And it’s only fitting that Hansi also got a middle name. And it only made sense to give him the middle name of Jacob so that we had a Jacob and Esau. Unfortunately, Hansi died only a few months after we got him.


I should also note that we have NO idea what we are going to name our future children. We do have a boy name all picked out and ready to go, but sometimes I lay in bed at night and worry that my other kids won’t have names as personally significant as Tera or even Moose. I mean, it’s not like we can name our next kid Saginaw or Fairborn, right?!?


What about you? How did you pick the names for your kiddos/pets. Link up with Momfessionals!

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