Thursdays Question

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Today’s question:

What makes you feel wonderful?

Oh, so many things! The sound of rain on the roof during a thunderstorm.

The feel of a shimmering pool on a warm summer day.

The laughter of family and friends, gathered around.

But one tiny, simple thing that makes me feel wonderful is Theo. Our marriage is not perfect, by any means. But Theo wrote me a sweet note after I was having a rough day of making some bad decisions and having a bad attitude. In the note, he listed a bunch of things that he thinks I am good at.

You know…in my job field, we don’t get a lot of compliments. We get encouragements and smiles, but we don’t often get compliments. Because…not very many people actually see what a stay at home Mom does day in a day out. So reading this list from Theo,  who also knows and experiences all my downfalls, now that is truly a compliment!

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