Thursday’s Question

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Today’s question:

If you could go back to school (college or university) what would you pick as your major?


I guess there are two ways to answer this question.

If I was to go back in time and re-choose my major, I would totally choose the same major- Early Childhood Education (or Elementary Education) in some states. I have never wanted to do anything else and I am so privelaged to have received the education that I did.

Now, the second way to answer this question would be if I was to go back now (and keep my current degree), I would probably choose something in the communication/event planning/administration field. I think that I would love to learn more about that area (even though I know those are three different things).

So what about you? What would you major in?

Or if you haven’t gone to college/university yet, what do you plan to major in?

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