Tera is 9 months old, and we finally put her in a swing for the first time!

At first she wasn’t too sure about it. She probably felt like this was some kind of new-fangled babysitting device, and we were going to leave her alone for an extended period of time.


She kept her eye on the ground at first, watching it go back and forth, back and forth.




Then she looked at us, probably to see how she should be reacting this whole thing.


When she saw that we were smiling and laughing and cheering her on, and singing ‘weeeeeeee’ as loud as possible, she started laughing and giggling and kicking her legs.

IMG_1076 IMG_1077 IMG_1078

It was seriously adorable.

She also took a turn with Daddy, which is liked, but not quite as much as swinging by herself.


When we saw how much she liked it, I logged onto Craigslist and searched for a baby swing. I found one in the same town, and picked it up for a few bucks. Theo rigged it up outside…


Right outside my kitchen window!




We then went for a picnic at a park and let Tera have some more swinging time… all by her lonesome self.


I swang (is that a word?) with her, too….but again, she likes being by herself more. Little miss independent.

And Theo pushed her on her swing and then decided to get a little bit more creative..


And higher…..


And…don’t worry, that is it. He didn’t let go.

Haha, we aren’t THAT bad of parents!


So there you have it…a million pictures of our first child enjoying the beginnings of her first summer.

Summer is pretty magnificent, isn’t it, baby girl? Summer and Swings.

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