Momfessional Moments

I’m linking up with Momfessionals today for Show and Tell Tuesdays!

Today’s topic might just be one of my favorites- being honest about my mistakes! I’m so excited to read all the other stories that other Mom’s post!

Today’s topic is Momfessional Moments…so, moments as a Mom that I’m going to fess up and confess…

  • I accidentally took Tera to the ghetto when she was three days old and she was officially exposed to every swear word in the book (for the record, I was taking her to the pediatrician…we never went back there again lol!)
  • When Tera was first born I didn’t feel an immediate loving connection. I was under the impression that as soon as your baby was born, you didn’t see or feel anything else…but delivering a placenta is not as easy as they make it sound and I honestly wasn’t even paying attention to her while I still had to go through that…
  • One time we left Tera in the car to grab a redbox. The dude in front of us took soooooooooooooo long and when we got back to the car Tera was screaming her head off. I felt so horrible!!! It was nighttime and I honestly thought we were giving her some blessed rest. I mean, never wake a sleeping baby, right? Ha! Never again will I do that! (P.S. We could see the car the entire time, I just didn’t know that she was crying!)
  • I’m pretty much the opposite of a germaphobe…cart cover? haha. Wood chips? eat away, girlfriend. Going out in public at 3 days old? yes, please!
  • Tera slept in a bassinet next to our bed for the first 8 months of her life. Yes, 8 MONTHS.
  • I had Tera out in public like this tonight: IMG_1532

What you also can’t see in this picture: the stroller smelled like grass and fertilizer because I had it in the bed of the truck where Theo’s lawn care refuse is also “stored”. Muffin, carrot and watermelon are the food groups that you see all over her. And she only had on one sock. And I looked even worse. And let me say it again: we were out in public.


What about you? What are some of your Momfessional moments?

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