Friday was my 24th birthday!

To be honest, the day did not go like I wanted it to.

When Theo got home around 10 pm on Thursday night, I told him that all I wanted for my birthday was a long, hot, uninterrupted shower that I could shave my legs in.

Friday morning dawns and Theo grabs a quick shower so he could work on a special birthday breakfast. Then the young lady that lives with us hopped into her shower….for 45 minutes. So when I got to my shower it was ICE cold. I jumped out of there quick as I could, and Theo went and turned the hot water heater up. So 15 minutes later I jumped in the shower to enjoy the nice, warm shower… Halfway through one shaved leg and conditioner in my hair the hot water completely cut out and it was cold again!!!! Well, that threw off my day…and I’m here to admit that it was all my fault. Theo did everything he could to ‘redeem’ the day, but we were late for a doctor’s appointment, and then Theo had to spend the rest of the day mowing lawns, while I stayed home with Tera. He took me out to one of our favorite places for dinner, and that was that! Of course, he also mentioned that my gift would happen on Saturday.

Sometimes being a stay at home Mom is SO lonely. And I think that this birthday was the loneliest birthday I’ve had. No family, no friends…just Theo, Tera and I. And Tera couldn’t have cared less if it was my birthday or not. Oh well, I guess next year we will try a little bit harder to get me out and about instead of cooped up alone all day.

Saturday dawned bright and early and I’m SO glad for new mercies every morning- both from God and from my gracious husband!! We helped our new pastor move, then I went to a ladies tea (so fun!!) and then I went to a wedding with Tera while Theo worked on my present. I’m so thankful for the day to get out and fill up my social love tank…it’s a big tank and it gets empty pretty quickly, unfortunately!

When I got home from the wedding, Theo made me drive around to the neighborhood behind our house. He than ran out to get me, drove the car back, made me close my eyes, and then shut me up inside the house for the rest of the afternoon. Finally he came and got me and revealed my birthday present: a fully fixed up front porch! Oh my word, it is amazing! I can’t wait to sit on our front porch and watch all the people walk and drive by, watch the thunderstorms roll in, have good conversations and enjoy the days away! It is beautiful! Here are a few before and after pictures:



















So what are you waiting for?

Come enjoy my birthday gift with me! Fill up my social love tank, enjoy the view and you would get to see this goober:


What’s not to love??

Thank you, Theo, for thinking of me and doing everything you possibly could to make my birthday a special one. Thank you for spending so much time and energy making our house into a home, even if you think landscaping is outrageously expensive (truth). Thank you for listening to me when I would point out other people’s porch furniture, and for driving to at least 7 different stores to find exactly what I wanted at an affordable price. Thank you for treating me like a treasure.


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