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Today on Momfessionals Show and Tell Tuesday we are showing off our yards!

I’m so excited to finally show you all our yard!

We bought our house in December…and by then, every living thing had been struck with the death of winter. We knew we had a lot of trees, and that many of them were fruit trees.

But we were not aware of the GLORY that burst forth in our yard come Spring. WOW. Flowers, trees…over an acre of grass. It was (and still is!) beautiful!

Our yard is HUGE…and since we bought it, we have decided to make a lot of changes to it. Some of these changes will take years, so our yard is not where we want it to be…but I wanted to show it to you anyways!

Now, bear with me…because our yard has a strange shape. We are butted right up against a rather busy road, so a security fence is in our near future. We also have a lot of landscaping that we are hoping to tear out, and a lot of cleaning up to do. We also have a lot to learn about growing and maintaining a garden, keeping up with fruit trees, and maintaining the landscape of our lawn. So bear with me.

Hi! Welcome to our yard! Here we are at the entrance of our driveway….


Look a little bit to the left, and you can see more of our yard.


Every single flowering plant was put in by the previous owners. We have some GORGEOUS flowers!


If we walk down the driveway a little and turn to the right, you can see our garden. Haha. I mean..our weed plot. Maybe one year we will actually have a successful garden! The trees that you see in this picture are all apple trees.


And if you face forward, you see our house. It’s a little bit dilapidated, but one reason that we LOVE it is because it’s completely unique. There is not another house in the world exactly like this one! To the right of the house, we currently have piles of firewood that need to be chopped up in preparation for the winter. We also put our grill and our outdoor table and chairs over there, since it’s one of the only flat pieces of ground on our land! We have the goal of putting together a nice fire pit over there, too. But for now I will spare you the images of what it actually looks like. It’s a work in progress!


To the left of the house is much more land…all on a hill. We have TONS of trees, and many of them are fruit trees. Our yard goes all the way back until the grass looks like a different color…


Here is our side yard (to the left of the house), pictured from the back yard. In this picture you can see an apple tree, a cherry tree, a peach tree and a grape arbor.



Unfortunately that little piece of road that you see is a fairly busy road. We have a nice treeline and the road doesn’t bother us much when we are INSIDE the house, but I’m a little bit nervous about letting my children run around outside with that road there.


Now, back to where we were standing before I talked about the busy road…I turned around and took a picture of the house and the “backyard”. In the backyard we have an apple tree and a cherry tree, a clothesline and a swing. That’s about all that will fit back there.


The front yard and driveway, taken from the side yard near the grape arbor (I’m not convinced they are actually grapes because we live in Ohio…?)


And a couple up close pictures of our fruit!! Peach…




Apple (we have at least 10 apple trees!)


A close-up of our garden weed plot.



Now, back to our front porch, which Theo ‘decorated’ for my birthday.



The flowers along our walk…it’s been a really hot week!


And then the view from our front porch…

IMG_2097 IMG_2098

That’s it! That is our yard!!! What do you think? Do you want to come visit?


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