DIY Teepee by Christi

Hi friends! Today I have a guest blog post!

Christi is the wife of one of my high school friends. I have actually never met Christi, but from what I gather…she’s pretty great. If you do not already follow her on Instagram, please do so…you will not regret the awesome photography, decor, adventuring and adorable pictures of her son (and another babe on the way!). It’s @christiannchild if you would just like to head over there to follow her.

Another shameless plug is for her amazing shop, Shop Yellowwood. Christi and her husband Trae have done a lot of world traveling in the past few years, and through her travels Christi has an incredible eye for the beautiful textiles and products that are made in countries all around the world. So she has built this little shop in which you can purchase items from all over the world. Gorgeous, I tell you. And fair trade. So win-win-win. You can visit the shop by going to You won’t regret it!

So, my friend Christi made this teepee for her son, and as soon as I saw some pictures I just knew that I had to have a step by step DIY. Instead of just keeping it to myself, I asked Christi if we could make it a blog post! And here it is!

Anyways, I’ll let Christi do the rest of the talking…


So the other day I was browsing Pinterest (a nearly guaranteed way to feel inspired and insignificant all at once) and I was quite taken by these adorable teepees that all the cool moms had in their kids rooms and nursery’s. After stopping by several Etsy stores I realized I probably wouldn’t be having one myself anytime soon unless……


I could make it myself!!!!


I LOVE building things and great bargains, so I decided to try to make one of these adorable play tents for my 1 year old son. Because we already had the drill and blanket the project only cost me about $15. If can cost more depending on what wood you get etc.

Here you go!

Displaying Teepee DIY.jpg

At Lowes or home depot you’re going to want to buy 4 wooden dowels/poles/sticks. Mine are 1.5 inches thick, and 6 feet long. I had wanted those gorgeous round dowels but they were a LOT more expensive.. but they are also a lot more pretty, so ya win some, ya lose some. Most the cute teepees for sale are only 4 feet tall, so if you went that route you could get a longer piece of wood, and have them cut it there for on extra $.25 pr cut. Next you need some heavy duty twine,  and then you’re good at the store!


Once I got home I drilled a hole about 6 inches from the top of all 4 pieces of wood. (USE A TAPE MEASURE!) all the way through the hole.  I don’t know the size but I used my largest drill bit (you way want to sand down the holes after you drill if they’re rough.


(Optional: If you want to stain or paint your wood, this would be the time to do it.)


Next, position your 4 pieces of wood up in teepee form. String the twine through the holes, and then again to keep in in place – with the 4 pieces of wood being about 4 feet from each other) Make sure the twine is pulled tight enough that the teepee won’t collapse on your kid. Once you string the twine through the hole twice, wrap it about 6 times around the top of the teepee to hold it better in place.


Lastly take your blanket and wrap it around the teepee! I used push pins to keep it in place, then sewed the front together with twine to make it look a little more native American + keep the blanket together!

Displaying FullSizeRender-5.jpg

TADA! You have a teepee! Bonus if you can put a sheepskin in the teepee!


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