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I am loving this Show and Tell Tuesdays link-up, and I think that today might be my favorite one of all! I cannot wait to walk through each house that is posted on the link-up. Feel free to join over on Momfessionals.

The prompt for today was House Tour!! Well, a lot of you have been waiting a loooooong time for an ‘after’ house tour. And that’s just not going to happen. But I will give you an “in progress” house tour! We still have a couple of main projects that need to be finished, but if I continue to put it off until the house is done, then we will be waiting a looooooong time.

First things first. Before you walk through our current house and look at all the rooms, I want you to look at the before pictures. Please. Just head on over and take a walk-through of our house back when we bought it in December.

Now. Just a quick note that every single renovation you see in our house was done with our two hands (and many helping ones!)….and did not cost anything over $300. Except the carpet…that came out to close to $1000, and I worked hard to save up the money to buy that carpet.

Without further ado…here is our house tour!

Walk into the front door and this is what you see!


To the left is a huge window and the couch as well as a bookshelf.



And to the left…you have the dining room. It’s a big room, but oddly shaped and I keep rearranging the furniture but I haven’t found the one arrangement that I love yet. Also…that strange blue half-wall on the ceiling was the original color of the whole room. And it had a matching half-wall from the floor up. We haven’t removed it because it’s partly connected to the fireplace and we will have to redo the popcorn ceiling thing we have going on. I would also love to update our fans!!


And just to give you a little idea of where we are…if you stand with your back to the fireplace, you will see the front door and the arch that used to be a window. Seriously…go check out the before pictures if you haven’t already. The doorway is still a work in progress.


Standing at the fireplace looking at the living room. I just love the stone fireplace, and we sure do love our wood burning stove in the winter!


On to the dining room…tiny, I know. But it works wonderfully for us, and I’m so thankful to have this space!


Let’s walk through the dining room to where that white cart is and take a right. There is a funny hallway with a back door to the left, my pantry shelving to the right and the basement door straight ahead. If we head to the basement door and turn left you will find yourself in the kitchen. If you take a right you find yourself in the play room (the room with the stairs that was pictured through the doorway in the living room).


The kitchen!… a work in progress. We didn’t have a huge budget to work with, so we relied solely on paint to transform the place. Some might not like the yellow, but I LOVE the bright, cheery color. And I’m the one that spends most of my time in there anyways!


I have a massive list of things I want to change in the kitchen, and we will slowly get them done! For now, it is a huge work in progress!


So back to the playroom we go! This room is everything, and where I spend most of my time. It’s where all Tera’s toys are, and it also houses my desk and my calendar and everything I need to stay organized!!!


Standing by the stairs, looking towards the kitchen.


Standing by the stairs, looking toward the living room/dining room


Standing by the doorway looking towards the back of the room.


If we head to the back of the room, you will notice a little hall area and three doors (one is to the far right in this picture). We actually rent out these three rooms to a young lady. She has….


A bathroom


An office, and behind the third door is a bedroom that I won’t post for privacy reasons. I don’t clean this end of the house and it’s an arrangment that has worked SO well for us. Depending on how many foster children we get, these rooms will probably be more bedrooms, although I have hopes for an office/craft room.


Now let’s go upstairs!


At the top of the stairs is a little hall. Straight ahead is a bathroom, and to the right and left are two bedrooms.


Bathroom…which so badly needs to be updated (and cleaned!)


To the left is our bedroom. The ceilings are so low upstairs, that I have to decorate it like it’s a loft. And we don’t usually have the pack-n-play in our room…we have just had some hot nights and in order to conserve energy we put Tera in with us and use only our room AC. And I thought about packing that thing up for this picture, but we all know I am perfectly incapable of folding a pack-n-play.


The purple wall and the shelf that Theo made for me. Again, the ceilings are so low that we couldn’t really do a bed frame and headboard, so we opted to keep our mattress on the floor and make the shelf above the bed. I LOVE it.


And on the other side of the room is three closets…two for hanging things, and one with shelves.


Now, for Tera’s room. Shhhhhhhhh, she is taking a nap and I braved going in there just to get these pictures for you!

IMG_2944 IMG_2945 is a work in progress. But I’m loving the progress!

IMG_2946 IMG_2947

So sweet. Except when her eyes popped WIDE open when I took this I booked it out of there, but not before snapping a picture of her closets…


Which are exactly the same as the ones in our room. So…not sure why I almost sacrificed nap time for this shot, but I hope that you truly appreciate it:


And that’s our house! Except for the basement, which you have no desire to see right now…trust me. You’d better come visit so that you can get the real feel of it!

And you can see our yard here.

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