Before and After: Upstairs



A few weeks ago I did a house tour on the blog. A lot of this pictures will be exactly the same, but I wanted to do a progress post showing before and after.

Since buying a house that needed A LOT of cosmetic work, I’ve realized that I will never really be ‘done’ decorating my house. I kept waiting and waiting to take these pictures only to realize that I will be waiting a LONG time before everything is done to my liking. I still want a cute armchair in our room, and some more things to hang on the walls, and I’m not entirely done with Tera’s room…but I decided I would do my before and afters of the upstairs portion of our house.

The upstairs has a small hallway/stairs, two bedrooms and a bathroom.






What we did:

  • Tore out old carpet and put in new carpet
  • Made the random corner into Moose’s very own luxury bathroom (gross).

What we still need to do:

  • Put shelves into that closet for bathroom towels and sheets
  • Hang up things in the hall area (not sure what, but it’s way to blank for my tastes)

Bedroom #1 (our bedroom):








And a final AFTER angle:


What we did to this room:

  • Painted all the walls white with one dark purple accent wall (as opposed to pastel purple all over)


  • Tore out old drapes and hung new, brown floor to ceiling curtains, which makes the low ceilings look much higher
  • Debated getting an actual bed/headboard, but decided to leave our mattress on the floor and build a shelf for above the bed
  • Tore out nasty speckled purple carpet and put in a brand-new tan carpet

What we still have to do:

  • Hem curtains
  • Find a matching curtain for the third window
  • Finish hanging decor and furnishings
  • Find new light fixture (the current one seems to take up the whole room, which doesn’t help with the low ceilings).

Total cost of renovation:

  • $50 for paint
  • $10 for dresser
  • $10 for shelf above bed
  • $1000 on carpet for both bedrooms, hallway and the stairs

Bedroom #2 (Tera’s room):



IMG_2944 IMG_2946 IMG_2947




What we did:

  • Tore out nasty pinkish carpet and put in tan carpet (Side note: In all this decor changing, I am learning how fluid style is. I’m sure the next owners of this home will write a blog post about the hideous, boring tan carpets that they tore out in favor of orange shag carpet. It’s just the way of the world).
  • Ripped down pink drapes and put up Tera’s blue ones.

What we would still like to do:

  • Paint walls
  • Finish hanging decor
  • Possibly paint closet doors

Cost of bedroom #2:

  • Cost of carpet (see above)



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