Trending (5 trends I just don’t understand).

Maybe I’m just so completely out of the loop, but there a few trends going on right now that I just don’t get. I see the masses jumping on board the bandwagon and wonder what I’m doing that it doesn’t appeal to me.

I’m not talking deep stuff here, like homosexuality or voting for the next US president. I’m talking regular old everyday trends that make me wonder what in the world that person is thinking.

I’m also very aware that I may be the only person to think that these things SHOULD NOT be trends. But to each their own, right?

1. Topknots.

I get it. I really do. Mom hairstyles are real. They are necessary. And I love and admire any Mom who can get her hair to look decent. If a topknot is really the way to do that, fine. But to me…a topknot is a ton of work and then your hair just sticks straight out the top of your head. Noooo. Just no.

20 Chic Bun Hairstyles We Love

2. Crop tops

What. No. Just no.

Occasionally I look at a woman who is totally pulling off a croptop and I think to myself ‘Now that is cute’. But let’s be real here…it takes the right woman and the right outfit to wear a crop top. I think the general public should rethink the use of crop tops. Like, yesterday.

3. Graphic tees

I’m not talking graphic as in blood and guts here. I’m talking about this totally new trend to write whatever you are thinking on the front of a t-shirt. Even if it actually makes NO sense.

There are some CUTE graphic tees out there. There are some I’ve been eyeing and some I have even put on my Christmas wish list. HOWEVER…this has become a trend that has gone one or two steps too far. We don’t need a random t-shirt or workout tank that says every thought that has ever entered your head. Again, we need to learn when to say no. Just no.

If someone gets me this i'll laugh probably 'til I cry trying to thank them and then I might just go and work out.


Look…a crop top with an obscure saying on it.

Mermaids Don't Do Homework Crop Top - PLEASE! OMGE IN LOVE

I just don’t even know how to respond to that.

And another one.

Short Sleeve Crop Tops |

If that is the case, you probably shouldn’t be wearing a croptop. Just sayin’.


4. Monograms

Ok, SO CUTE when officially stamping your new married name on a silky bathrobe for your wedding day. SO CUTE on a baby blanket. SO CUTE on a purse or a backpack. SO CUTE in moderation (and price moderation!)

BUT monogramming every.single.thing your child owns? Their socks? Their onesies? Their overalls? Their crib sheets? Their hats? Their Kindergarten backpacks? I just don’t get it! Especially the poor sons. Imagine having to show your future wife your first day of Kindergarten picture with monogram overalls, monograms socks, monogram shoes and a monogram backpack filled with a monogrammed ruler, pencil, pencil case and monogrammed toenails.

Baby Boy Coming Home from the Hospital. Monogram Bodysuit. Pants with Seersucker cuff. Coming Home from Hospital. Newborn Baby Boy Outfit

Let the dude just look like a dude!

P.S. Is this kids name Luke? Cause his monogram doesn’t match his name.

5. The iPhone 6.

Basically, I’m gonna start carrying my laptop around. In my hand. Because there ain’t no way I’m fitting that thing in my pocket!

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  1. Nancy says:

    I was going to say… that kids’ name really Luke? Or maybe the wrong monogrammed shirt got on the wrong twin. Or there was a mix-up in the hospital nursery. And I thought crop tops went out with the 80’s. Too bad they are back.

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