How I Planned My Week vs. How God Planned My Week

I’m sitting in my bed at 9:50 on a Wednesday night with SO much on my mind.

Let me just give you a little picture into how I would have planned my week if I was in control of the universe:

I would have began my week with a quiet day at home. And of course I would have remembered that Tera had an appointment with her pediatrician.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday would have been a good balance of completing my chores, writing some blog posts and spending time with family.

Of course I would have done my fair share of volunteering/good deeds, of course. And I most likely would have cooked at least three good/balanced/healthy meals for my family.

On Wednesday I would have carefully and thoughtfully packed my stuff for the Influence Conference. I would have picked matching outfits and neatly packed them into a bag. Then I would have done the same with Tera’s clothes, thinking through all the fun she is going to have this weekend with Uncle Daniel and Aunt Kelly while I go to to the conference.

On Thursday I would spend some precious time with my two loves and then drive to the conference where I will be able to worship with so many other women, and learn about how to influence those I touch- primarily Theo, Tera and the foster children that will be placed in our home.


But I don’t write my story, God does.

And he had a completely different chapter in mind for this week in our lives.

I forgot about Tera’s appointment on Monday. So I rescheduled for Tuesday. I got to the appointment a little bit frazzled on Tuesday. Tera screamed bloody murder when I put her on the scale to be weighed. And that was just the beginning. After having to strip my child of her cute little outfit, watch her scream while they took her temp and (tried to) listen to her heartbeat, they told me to put her clothes back on her. As I wrestle her head to her onesie, and she clings to me for dear life, I hear my phone vibrating.

I was pretty darn positive it was the call. But when I finally wrestled the phone from the depths of the diaper bag (while holding onto my slippery, crying baby with the other), I saw it was just Theo calling. I answered anyways, because I love every chance I get to talk to Theo when he is at work.

Turns out it actually was the call. The call that will place a foster child into our home.

It’s a newborn baby girl.

Will be take her?

I can’t give names or details, but it’s a newborn baby girl. And we said yes!!!!

That just about shocked my socks off. I was expecting and mentally preparing myself for a school age child.

Right there in the pediatricians office we went into overdrive.

She isn’t here yet. They said tomorrow and then tomorrow became today and they still said tomorrow. So I will believe it when I bring her into my home. Until then, it’s a potential placement.

Today we met her. I held her for three hours. Oh, my heart!! I don’t think that I have the words to describe the many, many things that have gone through my mind.

So with the call on Tuesday my entire week has not been my own. Finding a carseat, finding all the newborn stuff that I need, realizing that I need to find respite care for the weekend while I go out of town to the conference. Maybe I shouldn’t go to the conference. Should I?

Not to mention that we already lost quite a bit of money earlier this week deciding that Theo should not be continuing at school this semester…with no refund. Bummer, but it was absolutely the right decision.

And then came the car trouble. The tire got a flat, which we fixed without much of a problem. But later today, the car actually completely broke down. Dunzo. No driving it. So we towed it instead. With some rope and our truck.

One minute she is coming home tomorrow, and the next she isn’t coming to us at all. One minute I’m gung ho about going to the conference, the next minute I’m positive that going to the conference is the worst idea ever.

But one thing is for sure…our village loves well. From the minute that we found out about this potential placement, people have rallied and given us everything that we need. We are ready to accept her into our home (maybe tomorrow…maybe not until tomorrow’s tomorrow or tomorrow’s tomorrow’s tomorrow…welcome to foster care).

We are so thankful for all you have done.

We so appreciate your prayers.


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