Local Feature: The Dayton Mother of Twins Sale

Hi local friends!

Every Monday I try to post a local shop or feature on my blog. This past Monday was an insane day, and I am just now getting time to sit down and write up a blog post. But I needed to get this one pounded out because there is an event this weekend that you do NOT want to miss!!

If you have kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, or a friend that is having a baby, you do not want to miss this sale!!!

It’s called the Dayton Mother of Twins clothing sale, and it is put on by the Dayton Mother of Twins Club.

The DMOTC is a local membership only club for the mothers of multiples (twins or more!). Membership applications can be found here. The club has monthly newsletters, news loops, online forums and many helpful information for mothers of multiples.

The biggest event they put it on is the clothing sale, held twice annually, once in the spring (with mainly spring/summer clothes), and once in the fall (with mainly fall/winter clothes). Members of the club sell their clothing and other baby items at this sale.

The clothing and items sold are in new or excellent used conditions. And don’t be alarmed by the fact that this sounds like a small gathering of women who sell some things. No. It is probably the biggest indoor clothing/garage sale I have ever been to.

As you can imagine, this sale is very popular. Hundreds of women flock from all over the area to attend this sale. It’s seriously the best, and did I mention that you don’t want to miss it??

Here is the facts that you need to know for the sale THIS SATURDAY!!

It will be located at 3600 Feedwire Rd. Bellbrook, OH. (NOTE: This location is different from where it has been in the past!).

The doors will open for members of the club from 7:30-9:30 (no children!). At 9:00, the doors will open again for early admission. Early admission is $5. Then, at 10:00, the doors will open for general admission ($1). The admission fees MUST be paid in cash.

A couple things you should know (little insider tips!)

  • Lines. Long, long lines. There will a line almost a mile long out the door before the 9:30/10:00 opening time. I usually try to get there at least an hour before opening time. Once the doors are opened, the line moves really fast, but if you have a particular item that you want…get in line!  Once you get in, there will be A LOT of people. Then, when you are ready to check out there will be a very long line. The checkout people are efficient and go as quickly as possible, but it’s likely that you will wait an hour or more in line.
  • Big ticket items. Strollers, play kitchens, etc. go FAST. If that it what you want, I suggest paying the early bird price and getting in line as early as possible. Some people literally sprint in the door and grab what they need. If you are looking for something in particular, I suggest getting in line early. If you are shopping simply to browse/shop, then take your time getting there!
  • Bring your own bag!. There are no shopping carts, and you will be surprised how quickly everything adds up. And keep in mind that you will be waiting in line for a while. Bring your own bags to carry things, and if you have a stroller I would highly recommend bringing it!
  • Cash or Credit? The admission fee must be paid in cash ($1 for general, $5 for early admission). The items you buy at the sale can be paid for with cash or credit. If you buy with credit cards, your purchase must be over $20.
  • Hangers. All the clothing items at the sale are hung on hangers. (side note: everything is super organized, which is just wonderful!!). If you want to keep the hangers, go for it! But if you don’t want to keep the hangers, take them off while you are line and place them in the designated recycling boxes.
  • Children? I mentioned above that children are not allowed when the members are admitted at 7:30 am. However, children are allowed anytime after that. Just remember that it gets really crowded. The first year I went, I was pregnant with Tera, so that was easy! The second time Tera was a bitty newborn and I just wore her. This last spring when I went I took Tera but then Theo came and picked her up. Here’s what I recommend: if you can find a babysitter, leave the kids at home! It will be most enjoyable/productive for you that way. If you can’t find one- no sweat! Just bring the kids along!
  • Is it worth showing up ‘late’? Here’s the deal. Hundreds of women will line up before the doors open. As soon as the doors open, hundreds of women will pick over each and every object/item in the gym. The year Tera was a newborn I just couldn’t get my act together and out the door in time. I almost didn’t go, because I figured there would be nothing left by the time I got there. I was pleasantly surprised to find that was not the case! There is plenty of stuff left even when they close the doors and don’t admit anyone else! Like I mentioned above– if you have a particular item that you want, get in line. If you are just shopping to browse- take your time getting there and enjoy a little less chaos!
  • Doors close at 12:30!

So, will I see you there?


Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook! Most of the information about the sale is updated there and they are doing giveaways all this week!!

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