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So here’s the thing.

Adoption and foster care. I obviously have a passion stirred inside of me on this subject. I mean….I know so little, and yet I feel that I need to know more.

Some church and communities really do it right. They support foster care and adoption in ways that only the church of Christ could. And some communities and churches are just not doing it right.

Because, basically….they aren’t doing it all.

And I’m finding that it’s because no one knows where to start. No one knows how to help. No one knows anything about the subject.

Trust me, I know…because until about a year ago I didn’t give a care about foster care and adoption. I mean…sure, foster care and adoption is a great thing. Wow, those parents must be super parents. I could never do it. The end.

It’s hard to foster or adopt. It’s hard to focus on anything outside of our lives. And sometimes that is ok. If your heart is in the right place and that place is your very own biological family, then I’m not going to tell you otherwise.

But sometimes all it takes is becoming more knowledgeable about a certain subject when you realize that you actually can do something about that issue. Foster care and adoption, for example. You don’t have to become a foster parent or adopt to be involved in the lives of foster/adoptive parents. In fact, you can play a vital role in their lives by not being a foster parent! You can check out a super practical list here.

Another thing that you can do is simply educate yourself. What is it really like being a foster parent? Do you have bruises everyday because the children attack you and you aren’t allowed to hit back? Do you cry yourself to sleep every night because it’s so horrible? Do you have government officials stomping through your house every day and looking through the closets to make sure everything is on point? Do you have children running away and doing drugs and getting pregnant all the time? Do you have temper tantrums and hitting and yelling and screaming fits all the time?

This might seem a little extreme, but if I’m perfectly honest, that is what I thought foster care was before I became more deeply involved in the process. But if you take a step back and really learn about foster care, I am sure that you will realize that the above scenarios are not actually all that common. In fact, being a foster parent is similar in many ways to being a biological parent. You have good days and you have bad days. You have temper tantrums, but you also have the sweetest little smiles and hugs. Your children have strengths, and they have weaknesses.

You can always check books out from the library to inform yourself a little more, but if you don’t want to leave your house, I have compiled a list of bloggers who can give you glimpses into the world of foster care and adoption. I would encourage you to check out these blogs and maybe even check them out every few days/weeks!!

A couple of things to note: I have been looking for foster care/adoption blogs to read, and I haven’t found many. The ones above are the only excellent ones that I can find! There are several reasons for this:

  1. Foster and adoptive parents are busy. Obviously. Any parents are. It’s hard to update a blog when you are busy.
  2. Foster parents are not allowed to share information about their foster children. They can’t share pictures, they can’t share the history of the child, they can’t share about the biological family. It kind of limits what you can write about! I’m interested to see how that is going to work for me, as a foster Mom and a blogger. We shall have to see what I can share with my readers and the things that simply cannot be shared.
  3. Fostering can bring a huge emotional toll. Sometimes its hard to be open and honest when it feels like you are alone in this emotional battle. I have noticed a lot of bloggers that simply shut down when this happens.

So go give these ladies a follow! If you head to each blog, there is social media links on the side. You can follow each one on Facebook or Instagram, as well as sign up to get their blog updates in your email.

P.S. Give me a follow on Instagram and I will be sharing some helpful adoptive/foster Moms that I follow over there!



  1. Sara @ The Holy Mess says:

    Thanks so much for including me and The Holy Mess in your list. I feel honored to be included with some of these amazing women and writers!

    I totally understood what you said about the challenges of writing about foster care and adoption. There is sooo much more my heart longs to pour out onto the page, but I must protect my children. Their stories, their histories, and their moments belong to THEM, not me. Once I write it, it’s out there forever, so I’m always weighing the pros and cons of what I share and what I don’t share. I pray about it constantly. I share but I’m somewhat vague about names and details. I do believe my sharing has helped others, but my children have to come first. Blessings in what you do. You are always welcome to shoot me an email or message on my blog and I’m happy to help if I can. xoxoxo

    • [email protected] says:

      Thank YOU for having a blog that I can connect with! I have loved finding bloggers that get what I’m going through!
      And thank you! I chose the name because so often I feel like my life is nothing….just really mundane. But God has been teaching me that in the dirty diapers and the constant dishes and the lack of time to shower, that he can make even that life bring him glory.

  2. Erin says:

    I follow a lot of those blogs too and they are great resources, plus I’m really touched you added mine to the list! Another blog I like a lot is my friend Jillian Lauren’s. I won’t link it because I think that makes the comment go to spam…. but if you google her name it should come up. Her son is adopted from Ethiopia and she is in the process of adoption from foster care right now. I am excited to check out the blogs on your list that I haven’t seen before!

    • [email protected] says:

      I am so honored by your comment! I have LOVED following your blog and your different perspectives on race and adopted children and bio children! I will most certainly look up her blog! Thanks for telling me about it!!

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