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Happy Monday, friends!

I am thrilled to feature Totally Polished Spa today.

I had the opportunity to visit Totally Polished Spa in person, and let me tell you…this was an amazing experience. Totally Polished Spa is unlike any spa I have ever been to.

Totally Polished Spa is owned and operated by Jessica Hartman. Jessica has worked hard for her business and her cosmetology certifications, of which she has many! You can check out the completed list of her certifications on her website.

Jessica has worked hard to create a very private atmosphere that serves individual clients in a clean and relaxed atmosphere. Instead of providing the traditional group spa setting, with rows of pedicure chairs, Jessica has one comfortable room that caters to an individual getting a pedicure or manicure. You are always welcome to bring someone with you, but Jessica provides services to only one client at a time. As I mentioned before, the atmosphere in the room is so calm and relaxing. It was really enjoyable to not have to worry about what other people are doing or what they are talking about or who they are with. It was just me, and that was such a welcome break from the usual chaos of my life. Jessica has decorated both her spa’s before…and I just love the fact that it has personal touches instead of the same decor that you would see in any spa anywhere.


Totally Polished Spa offers something that is completely new and cannot be found at any other spa in our area. It’s called the soakless pedicure. As it’s name implies, there is no tub to soak your feet in before and during the pedicure. Instead, warm towels are wrapped around your feet and then tied with a plastic bag.


There are several reasons for this, but the main one is to prevent the spread of germs. Even if a pedicure chair is cleaned after every use, bacteria can still linger. And I’m almost positive that there are many times where the pedicure chair tub does not get cleaned after every use! The spread of bacteria is completely stopped with the soakless pedicure.

Here is Jessica working on my nasty Mom/runner feet. I have only ever received one pedicure in my life, and that was when I was 40 weeks pregnant. Honestly, I though the generic one I received was great! Until I experienced the one from Jessica. Now, I’m not sure I could ever go back!

Plus, who looks this beautiful while working with someone’s feet? I mean, c’mon!


Another service that you can recieve at Totally Polished Spa is a manicure. I didn’t get to try out the manicure but next time I think I will have to!


I felt so relaxed while at Totally Polished Spa, and I was very impressed with not only the service, but the outcome! My pedicure was amazing, and the massage on my legs, ankles and feet was incredible!


It was just what this Mom needed after the weeks of hard work I put into being a Mom. And no one ever accused me of being glamorous…haha. Hence why I have a blog that does not have one mention of style. Style? What is style?


While I was at Totally Polished Spa, I was able to ask Jessica some questions about herself. One thing that I loved about featuring small businesses is that there is a person behind the business that makes all the decisions and has to work hard day in and day out to make it work. After spending two minutes with Jessica, I knew that she had worked hard for this spa and that she continues to work for it every single day. And her hard work has paid off in this amazing place!






Besides pedicures and manicures, Totally Polished Spa also offers Eyelash Extensions by Lavish Lashes. I’m no expert on eyelashes (the regular kind or the extended kind!), but as Jessica explained it, it started to make more sense. Most eyelash extensions are a whole eyelash that you simply glue to your eyelid. Totally Polished Spa offers Eyelash Extensions that are individual lashes glued to your own individual lashes. The result is stunning volume and it looks very real!!!


All opinions expressed in this post are my own! I truly loved meeting Jessica and getting to feature Totally Polished Spa on my blog!


For more information, please visit the following sites:

Website: Totally Polished Spa

Facebook: Totally Polished

Visits are by appointment only, and can be made on the website or by calling Jessica at 937-270-3586.


Totally Polished Spa has two locations, one in Beavercreek and a brand new location in Kettering. The Beavercreek location is at 2260 N. Fairfield Rd and is located inside Salon Ventures. The Kettering location is located at 4333 Far Hills Ave. Kettering, OH.



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