Adoption Awareness Month!

November is national Adoption Awareness month! I honestly don’t know who comes up with these national days that range all the way from “national doughnut day” and “national middle child day” to “national adoption month”.

In celebration of National Adoption Month, I will be posting lots of posts on this subject! Not only is it national adoption month, but it’s also foster care awareness month! Nothing gets me more fired up than writing about those two things!!!

Here is what is in store for you this month:

  • A weekly guest post from a family who has adopted (and you will even get to hear from some adoptee’s!).
  • Some rants and raves that I have about adoption/foster care- the process, the language, the community, the great need, the affects on families.
  • Some super practical tips of how YOU (yes, YOU!) can help out the adoption community

And, now, some quick little graphics that I found on Pinterest:

While November is Adoption Awareness Month, it is ALSO foster care awareness month!

November is National Adoption Awareness Month, November 22nd is National Adoption Day. #Adoption #Volunteer #Fostercare:


I really like this next little graphic, although I cannot say I agree that the natural tend if you can’t adopt should be fostering. I think they should go hand in hand. Adopt or Foster. If you can’t, sponsor. I totally and completely agree with the rest!!!!


Raising awareness for world adoption day as well as National Adoption Month of November. Consider what you can do to help the cause!:



“I always questioned if I was ready to adopt and then I realized that no child is ready to be an orphan.” – Unknown

I hope that you continue to come back to my blog throughout the month to learn more about adoption!! For my local friends: Don’t miss this!!!




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