Tera Evelynne: 15 months



Tera Evelynne turned 15 months old on the 8th! I’ve switched to doing updates every 3 months now, and it seems like SO MUCH has happened since Tera turned one in August. Tera has started walking, she became a big sister, she is talking more and more. She loves life, and we love her!!

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  Weight/Length: Tera is just over 19 pounds and 27 in long! She’s in the 10th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight. She’s pretty tiny, but also fairly normal!


Eating: Man, this girl can eat. For breakfast, she will eat an entire egg; for lunch an entire grilled cheese; and for dinner a full serving of whatever we are eating. She is like a bottomless pit! Some days I do struggle to get her to eat, but I’m learning to just let her eat until she is done and then she’s done. And some days she will LOOOOOVE a meal, and when I reheat it for her the next day, she doesn’t want anything to do with it. Toddlers, I tell ya!


Sleeping: Champ! Just this week, Tera has started to completely drop her morning nap and go down to one nap a day. It’s a little bit of a tough transition, but she is certainly ready for that one long nap instead of two shorter ones.

Tera sleeps about 12 hours straight at night. It’s wonderful!!! Remember back in my monthly updates when I could never get her to sleep for longer than an hour? Well, we finally have a good sleeper!


Clothing/Diapers: Tera is in 12 month clothes and still going strong with the cloth diapers! When we use disposable, she is in size 4 diapers!


Personality: This girl. She is sweet and sassy and bubbly and vivacious, yet soooo laid-back. She loves people, loves socializing, loves playing but is also just super content to sit in her crib and play by herself. She has taken to foster-sistering better than I ever would have expected any kid to! She hasn’t shown any jealousy or hard feelings toward Little Miss as so much of our attention goes to her on a daily basis.

Tera hardly cries, but when she does, it’s with drama and passion. I’m loving each stage more and more, even though she loves disorganize and destroy everything in site, I just love watching her learn and grow.



  • Playing outside
  • Eating
  • Reading Books
  • Disorganizing everything in sight
  • Going for rides in the stroller
  • Exploring
  • Pointing at everything
  • Animals of all kinds!!



  • Being told “no”
  • Not getting her own way
  • Coming inside after being outside


New Developments: Wow, has this girl just taken off since the last update I did!!! She can now walk, and is working on picking up the pace into a run. She still struggles on bumpy surfaces, but I haven’t seen her crawl in a long time now!

Tera has started saying some words. I honestly have no clue what her first word was, because she speaks her own language all the time, and then one day I suddenly realize she is saying an actual word. In fact, up until a few weeks ago I thought that Tera had mastered saying “mamamama”. Then I noticed that she only says it while she is sitting in the high chair. And then it hit me that she is not actually saying “Mama Mama” like I thought, but “more, more, more”.

Tera is also able to understand us now. We will say “Go get a book!” and she will get a book. “Let’s go to bed!” and she will climb the stairs. It’s so, so fun to watch all this click!!!

She is curious, and I just love watching her play. I love watching her pick things up and just talk to it, pull it apart, examine it from every direction. She also points at everything, and I love seeing her love to learn! So fun!


Daddy and Mommy:
We are exhausted, and spread thin. We know that this stage of life of parenting little ones is especially difficult, so we just continue to press on! Theo is doing an excellent job at his new job, although it does have it’s challenges. I’m continuing to press on in the mothering, but I certainly do have many bad days. I know that my attitude is a choice, and that I can choose to be content or not. Some days that is harder than others.
We are thankful, exhausted and very, very blessed. But very exhausted. Very.



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  1. Nancy says:

    Of course Grandma saved EVERY picture! Her personality sounds like such a great and perfect combination of yours and Theo’s. From you she gets the drama and the love of being with people; from Theo the way she studies things out and the lad-backness. Give our little sweetie a big kiss and hug from Grandma.

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